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Like all good journalists and students, Wenger has had a three-month deadline but has left some important work to the very last minute. I’m not sure what the logic for this is, but there must be some, as this week is traditionally one for chaotic flurries of transfers. Perhaps you get your players for less if you leave it late. Perhaps they won’t leave until all options have been considered. Perhaps, who knows.

Anyway, stuff is going to happen this week one way or t’other. Cole and Reyes will either stay or go – there’s nothing doing on either as yet – and Wenger may still pull off a coup or two. On Saturday it was Reo-Coker, Mascherano. Yesterday Naismith. Today Tevez and Buffon. There are rumours all over the place, as there have been all summer, but until some dotted lines are inked, we can but guess.

One thing’s for sure – we could do with some strengthening, especially so if number 3 and number 9 leave.


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