The cost of Ade puts off bayors

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What’s going on with Adebayor? Hard to tell, isn’t it, but one thing I will say is that £30m would be more than acceptable compensation should he decide he wants to leave.

Wenger has set the bar high if the reported price of £30-£32m is to believed, but as we know, if a player wants to leave then the deal will happen somehow.

To this day, I marvel at the profit Wenger made on Anelka – something like £22m – and selling Overmars and Petit in a joint deal for £30m is not far behind. So should Adebayor go, a profit of £23m in just 2.5 years would be extraordinary.

My gut feeling is that he’ll stay, and that he is courting Milan with a view to securing a better deal from Arsenal. If he was going to go to Milan, why would he do so this season with no Champions League on offer?

The latest trend for footballers to try to get new deals almost every year leaves a sour taste though. I’m not naïve enough to think footballers have the loyalty they perhaps used to – but with money the principle motivation, the players are holding clubs to ransom and at some point it has to stop.

When the new Premier League deal was announced, did anyone really think the clubs would use the money to do something noble like lowering ticket prices? Of course not. They knew all too well that the money would eventually find its way to the players and their agents. Sad but true.

British revolution?

The notion of a ‘British revolution’ at Arsenal is an exciting one. Arsenal ledge Bob Wilson says;

“With this talk of quotas, Arsenal already have a group of at least seven young home-grown youngsters coming through, at least three of whom are good enough to play at the highest level. Aaron [Ramsey] can be part of that.”

Next season, we will have Walcott playing more and more, and I expect Ramsey to get some games too, even at 17. We might also see more of Randall, Lansbury and Gibbs so it is undoubtedly exciting – and if you add Vela, Barazite, Merida and co to the mix, we’ve got a big pool of potential.

Sure, we need experience too if we want to challenge for the title, but seeing young lads break into the team is part of what it’s all about.

Right, what the hell am I doing typing when the sun is streaming through the window? Time to hot-foot it outside.

Fixtures tomorrow – the countdown has begun!


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