Three-o for Theo

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I’ve been keeping my head down this ‘international break’ – a good excuse for a breather and a reflection of how low England have fallen. Besides, England and Arsenal? There was a time in the late 80s when we had five players in the England side, but now all we have is Walcott.

Ah, Walcott.

Wow, Walcott.

To me, the Champions League quarter final against Liverpool was the coming-of-age for Theo. That dribble was simply sensational – and at the time, as I sat in a French bar on my own supping beer, the disappointment of the loss was tempered by that run.

And now tonight. I refused to subscribe to Setanta – it’s another £10 a month I’m simply not prepared to pay on top of an already ludicrously expensive Sky subscription – but the wireless told me all I needed to know. Theo was simply fantastic.

What more could you ask for? His first goal for his country was swiftly followed by his second then his third – and how many Englishmen score hat-tricks for their country throughout their entire career, let alone on their fourth cap?

It’s great news for Theo and it’s great news for Arsenal. And of course, it’s a gentle reminder that if England play well, and have an Arsenal link, then watching England doesn’t have to be as exciting as a trip to the dentist.

Away to Blackburn next – and will Theo start?


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