Video: Eboue gives his shirt away

Arsenal 2-0 West Ham

No time for a match report this morning, but I did want to share this with you. I took it yesterday, at the end of the game, just as Eboue was about to do his now customary salute to the fans.

If anyone has been under a rock these last few months and does not realise the incredible turnaround not only in Eboue’s form but also in his relationship with the fans, then watch this. It’s PR genius from Eboue – and note that he ends up giving his shirt to a little boy. Eboue, I salute you – that is class.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Booland

    Can’t see the video! I rather see Eboue & Song play in central defense against Birmingham rather that MS if Sol is rested. That is how much I have started trusting in Eboues ability!

  2. Luke

    Eboue’s rehab is complete. Long live Eboue!!!

  3. Knut

    That’s great to see. Eboue really deserve this, he seems like a great guy.

    Just imagine how good that feels for him, after what he’s been through.

  4. Ralph

    He does that virtually every game and has done for a very long time.

  5. Jon Hume

    Top bloke, had a good game as well. Looked dangerous every time he went forward. Good video as well, thanks for sharing.

  6. Richard

    He does this at most away games as well. Plus at the game at the Britannia recently as all the players got off the coach they all kept their head down and went straight into the stadium, all except Eboue… who turned and gave everyone a wave as he climbed off the coach.

  7. GunnerX

    I love Eboue’s energy and enthusiasm, he’s definitely turned a corner after having a bad spell. Our very own messi, lol.

  8. Jamie

    What a gent,He just loves playing football!

  9. oskar

    A true professional and a gentleman – Eboue. Thanks you for sharing the video

  10. Daryl booth

    Eboue… He is Jesus’s can do guy.
    Awesome player and I hope those that booed him realise what an immense guy he is to come back from that.
    Easily my fave player this season and in my eyes an arsenal legend already.
    Tinkerbell for president, not Keith.

  11. Lem

    At Stoke he disappeared into the crowd for thirty seconds long after all the other players had gone down the tunnel and then reappeared with just his shorts on! I only go to see Eboue.

  12. PSL


  13. Erick

    Nice lad AA should learn from him is it me or is AA just arrogant

  14. goonercen

    that was just class!! i for 1 never booed him and i am proud of that! i always saw him as mr arsenal and this proves yet again!
    Mr Arsenal does it again!

  15. busheygooner

    I realised how brilliant eboue was with the fans this year at members day, while little kids were taking penalties against almunia, he was in the other corner doing kick ups with the crowd counting the kicks. he warmed up jogging around while patting song a nd djourou on their bums, he was putting off the other players in football volleyball by shouting every time they went near the ball, and tried to put wenger off when he was doing his crossbar challenge, absolute legend!!!

  16. Zigzag

    When you listen to other players interviews it transpires they all love Ebue. Apparently he makes everyone lough and keeps atmosphere light and cheerful. For a fan like me he is a joy to watch, fast and skillful. He’s also one of the most versatile players doing well whether he is in defence, midfield or attack. Brilliant. Hope all the boo boys eat their humble pies now.

  17. TY

    Well done Eboue, i allways knew you would turn things around. Thanks for sharing the vid.

  18. halfNice

    I know this is going to sound like a lie, but I’ve always been a fan of Eboue – even when everyone else was booing him. He seems to be a top, top bloke and I’m really pleased he’s a fan favourite again.

  19. king gooner

    big it up for”MANU EBOUE”-diamomd geezer!

  20. Markt

    He has always been a lively character. I travelled to Ajax with the team in 2005 (won a competition) and he was the most entertaining person on the plane by a country mile even though he was very much a fringe player at the time.

  21. San Diego Goon

    Did anybody else laugh when the commentator said, “Behrami, feeds Mido”

  22. Sd goon #2

    Sd goon where do you go to watch the games? I just moved to sd and I am looking for a good spot…

  23. San Diego Goon

    Hello #2 … I watch from my living room ever since I got satellite, but before that I went to Shakespeare Pub (3701 India Street) a lot. Decent atmosphere, but it fills up early for big matches, and always has lots of old-school Man U fans and Johnny-come-lately Chelsea “supporters.” There’s also Princess Pub in Little Italy, and Blarney Stone in Clairemont. Most of the big, new sports bars with 500 TVs just don’t open early enough for Premier League matches.

    If you wanna meet up somewhere for an Arsenal match sometime, lemme know.

  24. jay

    The last time we saw an arsenal player acknowledge the crowd so much was in the days of Winterburn Dixon and Keown.Great shout giving his shirt to to the young boy he wont forget that in a hurry.

  25. Tommy

    well i for one have been mocking Eboue for a while and tho i still have doubts as to whether he is good enough to be an arsenal starter i must say i feel embaresed now.

    Top class m8.

  26. Stevie G

    Not only has he worked hard on his PR his game has come on fantastically.
    Against West Ham he was always strong in the tackle never gave the ball away and constantly ran at The West Ham defence and posed problems.His willingness to take a shot is very unArsenal but highly welcome.
    No wonder he is keeping Theo sidelined on the bench…
    Top Man

  27. Begeegs

    Can’t believe that he didn’t get booked for this with the way that we have been reffed recently.

  28. erick

    thats great thing to do to your fans apart from making the team win, keep it up young man.

  29. Nnamdi

    well done Eboue. i like ur style of player i hope u will be inproving more and more thanks 4 sharing the video?

  30. Mean Lean

    EEEEEEmanuel Eboue!!!

    What a top guy. This is the result of a player who is given time to develop.

    One of our most improved players along with Diaby, Song & Bendtner.

    I hope he stays with us for a long, long time.

  31. odia o

    Hello all,



  32. Joseph

    Funny how now everybody supports Eboue but the whole stadium was booing him before.

    Lesson 1: never boo your team. if you boo your team, you are scum. if you want to boo, stay home. express your feelings by not attending.

    Lesson 2: Wenger knows more about players than you do. so when you want to say, “Eboue sucks” or whoever else sucks, remember that point and shut your mouth. Unless you want to rag on Silvestre, of course; he sucks.

  33. PD

    ‘Funny how now everybody supports Eboue but the whole stadium was booing him before. ‘

    It’s not funny at all really, it’s very simple.He was a disgrace;people didn’t like him.He’s not any more;people like him.Simple.The shame is it took him so long to grow up.
    I’ve said it before many times : I have never,ever booed an Arsenal player & never will but it’s fact: the booers saved Eboue’s career.
    And by the way…..yes indeed ‘Wenger knows more about players than you do’ ……then you have to acknowledge that Wenger was one of the first to acknowledge that the incident really changed Eboue for the better.
    I’m delighted with Eboue this seaon; he’s now a real asset, a good squad player & playing a real part in this season. But I’m getting very tired with this crap of rewriting history & pretending he’s always been a saint & that those who couldn’t see it all along are idiots. He hasn’t been & they’re not.

  34. Sd goon #2

    Awesome thanks #1. I’ve heard of shakespeares but if it’s like you say I can’t imagine I’ll like it. I’ll check out the other ones and I’ll def let you know if I’m ever stopping by one o them and you can join. Thanks a lot forthe help

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