Three goals, several pints, one celebration injury

Arsenal 3-0 Liverpool

A sweet, sweet day at the Grove.

In the first heavyweight clash of the season in our new home, we ended up as comprehensive winners against a typically dogged and neat-passing Liverpool side.

The first half was extremely tight, especially before we scored, but after that things opened up, and we profited. It’s an interesting point, but in the three league games we have drawn at home, we’ve let silly goals in first, and that always makes things difficult if you want all three points. Yesterday, the first goal could have gone to either side but went to us, and we went from strength to strength from that point on.

Before the game, there was a pub rendezvous with the arseblogger himself, and I can report he looks nothing like his voice sounds, if you get me. He definitely brought some luck with him over the Irish Sea though. He’s like a human version of lucky pants, in the nicest possible way.

But what a game to pick too – the first goal was a little unexpected, though not as unexpected as my celebration turned out to be. When Nigel Flamini scored, I leapt into the air (I’d say 16 feet, but I’d need to check CCTV to be sure), came down at 45 degrees and slid under the seat in front, grazing my ankle in the process. I’ve been wondering how I did this ever since, but then, Physics was always Double Dutch to me.

The second half was better, much better, with Kolo’s goal the cream of the crop. How many other centre-halves would launch themselves that far forward, set pieces aside? I can’t think of many, which is why the man is the legend that he is.

So a solid performance – if not the fanciest in terms of passing – and a great result that means we’ve won both our games against the ‘top four’ sides. Third place with a game in hand – albeit with a few points to make up.

And finally, can we now dispel the notion that the Grove is somehow spooked or jinxed? OK, so we’ve drawn a few games there we wouldn’t have wished to, but in all competitions it’s a case of W5 D4 L0. That’s no losses there yet in nine – a pretty good record if you ask me.

A Monday we can all enjoy…


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