Arsenal v Schalke: The highlights

Arsenal 0-2 Schalke

There was one point last night, during a lull that could have been anytime between the first and 90th minute, but let’s say for the sake of argument it was the 70th minute, when I peered to my left and noticed Shedman craning his neck to the sky. “Is that a plane?” he asked, looking at a red light, “or is it sand from the Sahara desert that has found its way to the upper atmosphere”?

We all peered upwards and stared. Maybe for a few seconds, maybe for a few minutes. Then the moon came out, its pitted surface as clear as anything, and mesmerised us, before disappearing behind a cloud once more.

“It’s a crane”, said Capability Mike.

So we all started watching the football again.

I think, if pushed, that and the excellent lamb kebab I had from Bodrum on Highbury Corner were the two highlights of the evening.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Jeff


  2. en_croute

    For me it was a Piebury Corner pie, but I missed the crane.

  3. East Lower

    From the new shop? I must try that.

  4. Marko Stojanovic

    If all your posts are like this, you’ve got yourself a new reader.

  5. Arseman

    New shop on holloway isn’t open yet. Mid November it says on the window. Crane was excellent and when the moon popped out from behind the fog every now and again.

  6. East Lower

    Sadly not, is probably the answer… But you’re welcome. Do stay.

  7. East Lower

    The moon gets a 9 out of 10. I marked it down because it wasn’t full and kept disappearing.

  8. East Lower

    Doesn’t get much better than that.

  9. Gooner

    I can’t see the sky from where I sit but I’ll definitely try the lamb kebab from Bodrum before the next home match. Let’s face it, after the last two performances I’d be a mug to rely on the football for any sort of enjoyment.

  10. The Royal Arse

    I feel I was more mesmerized by great synchronized swimming technique of the Shalke traveling faithful. When they won corners I felt a flashmob had broken out and I said hmmmm a flashmob never really seen one in person. There arm extensions and timing where superb!!!! Kudos to you Shalke faithful!!!

  11. East Lower

    They were immense. Best I’ve seen.

  12. PDDD

    Personally I thought the highlight was when Arshavin came on. That way we got the chance to check out him or Santos at the same time. Santos still winning the 2012-13 Arsenal Football Club Pie Eating Award for me…….

  13. phil millan

    that is quite briliiant. A venerable contribution to the ï’ve had enough of this shit” canon of poetry

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