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I knew it wouldn’t take long.

It started with the last day’s rib-tickling second place, then after a few weeks of thinking about other things, it picked up when we announced Granit Xhaka.

That’s right, I’m optimistic again, a one-man testament to the ability of the human spirit to look on the bright side. 

The new shirt hoved into view with some new shirt numbers and of course, a new midfielder, and – blow me down with a feather – I’m now peering ahead to August with a sense of real anticipation.

I’ve conveniently locked away the ponderous football that was too prevalent, the mental cave-ins when the going got tough and Wenger’s struggles. 

Now I’m hoovering up stories about possible signings and actually expecting things to happen. I’m thinking how a tough midfielder might glue our creaky defence to our creative midfielders. And what a new striker might do to our ‘expected goals’ spreadsheet. 

This, I suppose, is why we have a close season. To recharge the batteries, reset the mind, dust ourselves down and jog right on. 

Chambers spot 

Forgotten man, isn’t he? Is he a right-back, is he a centre-back, is he a holding midfielder? Calum Chambers came with a big price tag and here we are two years later, none the wiser.  

But I like the guy and I can’t help but feel that some people are doing the classic ‘write him off at 22’ thing. Most defenders don’t peak until they’re older and he’s still got time. 

Why am I talking about him? Because lo and behold he’s captaining the England u21s at the Toulon tournament, and England have got to the final for the first time in 22 years.

I’m not sure how influential he’s been, but Henry Winter, writing in today’s Times, speculates that with Gary Cahill struggling, Hodgson could “conceivably summon Chambers” for the Euros.

I can’t see that, personally, but it’s a reminder that we shouldn’t write him off just yet. In fact I’m looking forward to seeing more of him next season.

Blog updates 

I always start the summer with good intentions to write more, and it often comes to naught. But I’m going to try.

Beyond that, we’ll all be pretty busy dodging incoming transfers to think about much else, won’t we.

Won’t we?


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Peter Benovsky

    Sorry but with this composition Arsenal can be on the level of Southampton and West Ham or Everton. I think Ozil will leave Arsenal, I’m afraid that Sanchez also. This will not fatal if Wenger is active in the market for new class players. Arsenal is pure luck finished second. This is not the work of Wenger and and come because the crisis of Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham failed in the last round. Objectively Arsenal is 5 or 6 spot. Realy.
    Wenger is too self-absorbed and rigid, too intellectual. He has a serious contribution to Arsenal, but times are changing. Today it played power football and Wenger does not understand this. So we the Arsenal fans will have a lot more to wait and angry. W if hat Arsenal play football technically and intellectually. Now prefer the style of Atletico Madrid, it brings results. Wenger will not sell medium players which is full Drsenal – Ramsey, Campbell, Oxlade, Iwobi, Walcott, Giroud, Gbriel… these are players for Everton, Sauthymptan or West Ham. They are skillful, but are gentle, have no character and do not fight in the game. Maybe we should put up two more years with this ballet style and still get angry when anyone who plays hard and pressure can beat Arsenal. So will lose players like Sanchez and Ozil, so players that we need to look at the other big teams. Wenger will not buy Mascherano and Koulibaly, will not fight for Kant , Mahres, for Suarez or Lewandowski, not even Lukaku. Arsenal will spend at most 80 million and will go back 100. The board will be profitable again, and we will again be disappointed and dissatisfied. This would be the final era of Wenger. good business, many hopes and poor reality. I have no more nerves to lose …

  2. PDDD

    It’s funny how the same people (the ‘everything is great’ brigade or AKBs as they’re more commonly known) who were saying we didn’t need to buy a DM a couple of years ago because we had Chambers (despite zero evidence he could play there) are now defending Chambers because you know, the poor lad has been played out of position as a DM & hasn’t had a chance. Amazing stuff really…..and fairly typical.

    Xhaka looks a fantastic signing. A big, strong, aggressive central midfielder. 11 years too late Arsene but never mind eh ??

  3. Jim

    At least we have him now! Think it will go quiet now until after the Euros.

  4. PDDD

    Hasn’t gone quiet then !
    Finally, Arsenal approaching a transfer window looking like they have a plan….

  5. Jim

    Yes, quite exciting but let’s see if the Vardy thing actually happens. Doesn’t sound like a done deal yet.

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