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Morning, and everything, and stuff.

Quiet, isn’t it? Well that’s because we’re all getting a bit giddy about the World Cup, and not about club football. Something to do with there being a World Cup coming up, and with the domestic season having finished, I’d guess.

Unless something happens in the next 10 days, then all the Arsenal-related excitement’s going to have to wait for a bit. We’ve had one in, one out and a hatful of rumours. The current recipient for the most transfer gossip is Sol Campbell, who’s been linked to everyone who needs a new centre-back, and even some that don’t.

The latest is Internazionale, apparently, though Newcastle are definitely not interested (despite fitting neatly into the category of clubs that could definitely do with a decent centre-back). He’s too old, they say, which is an odd one. Injury-prone and sensitive, yes, but too old? He’s only 31. A decent centre-back will go on to 34 without too many problems.

Anyway, the regularity of these rumours suggest to me that there’s something in it, and that Sol might well have played his last game for us. A goal in the Champions League final, in hindsight, would not be a bad way to sign off. Unlike being substituted after 18 minutes, which was Pires’s au revoir.

And finally, of course, congratulations to Theo Walcott, England’s youngest ever player. He looked promising but had little to do last night.


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