This is not football, it’s a soap opera

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The good news this morning is that it seems certain that Cesc Fabregas is staying at Arsenal. He pitched up at Member’s Day yesterday, and he apparently had a chat with Wenger during which he confirmed that for the next season at least, he’s going nowhere.

Great news, in fact. He’s a once-in-a-generation footballer. He’s that good.

But honestly, when football becomes a soap opera I despair.

Yesterday everyone was hanging on his gestures, his smiles, who he was training with. Twitter was abuzz. I’m pretty sure there was a tweet from somewhere supposedly reputable saying he hadn’t shown up for the team photo, only for him to show up for the team photo.

We were hanging on his every word.

Except hold on, because he hasn’t said any words, has he? He’s said a big fat nada all summer in public. He clearly has his reasons for keeping mum but the problem with that is it’s turned everyone into frenzied lunatics. I doubt I am the only one who is desperate for him put this whole fandango to bed by simply opening his mouth. Personally, I think he needs to. “Yes, I admit I was keen to move to Barcelona. But it’s not happening, I’m staying and I’m committed”. That would do me.

There are those who think he doesn’t need to say anything but I think now is the time to do just that. Firstly it would be a fillip – as it was when Torres publicly stated he was staying at Liverpool. And secondly, it might just – heaven forbid – put an end to the drip-drip Cesc-to-Barca stories that quite frankly are driving me insane.

You see, as if by magic there’s another one this morning saying the Catalan club are reportedly coming back with an improved €42m offer.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it’s time for the focus to shift to the team, the preparation, the season ahead, and nothing else.

UPDATE, 2pm:

And that’s exactly what Cesc has done with this statement, and not a moment too soon. An honest admission that his head was turned, but a commitment to give it his all this season. Saga over (until next time, eh…)


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  1. goonertank

    Spot on.

    A 10 minute press conference and all is put to rest.

    We really need the full focus of the team to be on the team and not wondering if the captain is going.

  2. graang

    aye. agree with goonertank.
    i’m a massive fan of el capitan, was before the summer, am now.
    any other player that’d had this summer of speculation would need to come out and say something, only moreso for the skipper.

  3. Farnborough Gunner

    After spending most of the summer angling for a move to Barcelona, he is only staying because Barcelona will not, or cannot, pay a fair price for him. He allowed this circus to roll on for far too long; he could have stopped it ages ago, when it was clear that Barca weren’t going to make a sensible offer for him.

    It is clear he doesn’t want to be at Arsenal any more and I suspect we will have a repeat of Vieira’s last season with us – wishing he was somewhere else.

    Cesc should be stripped of the captaincy and told that if he is not playing well enough (because his head is elsewhere) he will be dropped. But Wenger hasn’t got the balls to do that.

  4. Booland

    Oh but, he could really be going back home next week for the irrelevant friendly match with Barcelona, I mean, Spain. He is in a loop and he can’t get out unless Barcelona stops playing the game. It is the Barcelona who keeps rewriting the drama. So it will be the same.

    But yes, I would prefer if he makes another statement. But how many times has he done that this year? NUmerous times and it hasn’t made a slightest of the difference.

  5. RotorGoat

    Farnborough – I’m just not sure there’s a need for that. He’s one of the most motivated players there is and I really doubt he will let this affect him. Doubt he will be disillusioned either. He’ll get his move next summer.

  6. Tai Obasi, Lagos

    Instead using his energy for a dependable goalkeeper and experienced CB, Arsene Wenger has used all season fending Barca off. Fabregas must speak up now that Wenger uses the remaining transfer days to strenghten.

  7. PD

    Cesc is undoubtedly our best player, our best professional & has probably more drive & will to win than anyone else in our squad.(with only RvP & Vermaelen, possibly Sagna even close imo)
    Stripping him of the captaincy would be unbelievable stupidity bordering on madness.
    And if you really think that his form will drop enough that he won’t be playing well enough & could be dropped then you’ve obviously spent the last 7 years watching a different player to the one I have.He will be as fantastic this season as he has been up to now; I have absolutely no doubt of that. If we end up trophyless again it will certainly not be because of Cesc.
    But that’s another story entirely…..

  8. Tommy

    Yet another Arsenal skipper to be embarassed about. Not cause he wants to leave i dont blame him for that. but because he is our fukkin captain !

    Gallas is still my favourite “Hall of shame arsenal captains” ..-Captain.

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