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Way In

There’s not a whole lot going on at the moment, something you can be sure will change drastically from tomorrow, when the cup final is over. Expect the hype to really hit by Monday. It’s going to be mad. I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to write between now and then – our road trip tp Paris begins at about 5am on Wednesday – but you can be sure I’ll write a lengthy one upon my return, come rain or shine.

Typically, there’s already transfer rumours whizzing around, and I’ve a feeling this summer is going to be busier than most. Though Pires has denied having made up his mind, it seems likely he’s off to Villarreal, and with Bergkamp retiring, that’s already two big, experienced players down. Add to that the uncertainty of Henry, questions marks over the futures of Campbell and Cole, and the long-term injury to Diaby, and you can see how the chances of some major transfer action – in and out – seem high.

I notice things have gone remarkably tits-up for Juventus, which is interesting to say the least. The chairman was ousted after revelations about dealings with referees, and the turmoil looks set to rumble on. I wonder whether that means English football might see a return for Patrick Vieira? It seems he’s had an OK season without being spectacular, and you just never know.

Right, well that’s it for now.


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