The Ravens Won’t Leave The Tower

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Clearly, if you have the best striker in Europe – let’s be honest here – then he’s going to be the subject of speculation regarding a move, regardless of whether he goes blue in the face claiming he’d never leave.

And that’s the situation we’ve got with Thierry, who’s been linked on and off with Barcelona, and now Real Madrid. I’m not sweating over this one. I mean, I’ve been linked with doing some DIY for the entire duration of the summer, and it hasn’t happened yet. What is more, I can confirm that any rumours of me performing home improvements are so wide of the mark as to be laughable. It’s just press rumours.

Besides, if Thierry was to be sold against his will, it would be akin to the ravens leaving the Tower of London. The highbury monarchy would fall. There’s one thing being linked with a move if a player actually wants to leave, but a crown jewel player being sold against his will – well it just doesn’t happen at Arsenal.

But if you think about it, it’s a clever way of tapping up without doing it illegally – let a potential target know you’re interested by feeding some ex-club official or other random semi-official figure some juicy soundbites, and release them to the press. That way, Mr T Henry would know Real Madrid are interested in him, but a meeting in a top London hotel between all interested parties, with all the predictable results, need not be arranged.

And finally, I was just wondering the other day what the money men at Arsenal, Man U and Everton must really think about the financial reality of Liverpool’s (justified) inclusion in the Champions League. Whichever way you look at it, if all five English sides get to the group stages, then we’ll be out of pocket by a not inconsiderable sum of cash – several million pounds, possibly. This might not bother the Russians, but it’s a lot of cash for us.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Rachel

    Ian Wright his adoptive father said: If he was still playing and had a choice he would choose chelski. Whether this was just making it easier for SWP to make a choice or whether he just dislikes Wenger, I do not know.
    He also got very annoyed apparently at the FA Cup Final when the Gooner’s had a flag dissing Chelski’s title.
    Whether he is just protecting his children I don’t know but if he was being truthful, SWP will not come to Arsenal.

  2. vivb

    Personnally I think SWP may be over rated, in England games he shows lack of close skill although he scored a cracker against us. If I was in his position would I go to Chelsea? He will always be behind Duff and Robben in the pecking order. AW has a better record of improving players but AFC won’t be paying him £50K plus a week. I’d buy Defoe for £15m instead.

  3. uncle fester

    your right Rachel to sell our top players would send out the wrong signs we have done this in the past and it brought years of mediocrity i remember when the 71 double team was broken up to quickly the Arse very nearly went down.SWP will not win us the CL it takes more then that a change in the way we play in Europe is an option.When we play in Europe we are like a cat caught in the headlights of a car we just freeze.The CL record is grim to say the least and i for one have started to cringe when we play in the CL but i will still go along and cheer my head off for the team maybe if we tried to create an atmosphere like the scousers do it would give the team a lift it did for the pool.

  4. Rachel

    I agree Uncle Fester, I sit on the north bank mostly and the atmosphere is pathetic. I end up screaming so loud I can’t talk for days lol.
    I just try to edge ppl to join but certain parts just don’t.
    It annoy’s me, I mean how tough is it to open your mouth and sing some songs? I understand if some do not talk good English but everyone who goes to Highbury should know how to say Arsenal, right? Else why would they be there.
    Red Action tries so hard to start the atmosphere but some just do not bother.
    Sometimes you can get lost in a game but you can watch a game and sing at the same time.
    The idea of fans that sing put in a seperate section at Ashburton Grove (Emirates) is a great idea, at least that way we could all create an atmosphere.

  5. tommigooner

    Why is anyone given Bongo at all any air play and the time of day. The Guy is an idiot. Everybody knows TH14 is the best player in the world and if he is sold it would be against his will – he doesn’t shut up for saying how much he loves The Arsenal and London life, which is nice.

    So please let this moron do one. I’m not sure if he posted his comments to rile all rightful and proper Gooners – but he’s done the trick.

    EVERBODY knows the club is bigger than ANY player, ANY player. However TH14 is still scoring and creating chances for other players. Yes he is arrogant, what striker isn’t to some degree. All El Bongo is doing is dividing opinion on The Arsenal. It’s called divide and conquer and from where I’m sitting he’s doing a good job.

    Also, in my opinion SWP isn’t over rated, he’s a great little player – however my one thing is that because the players around him aren’t exactly world class (no offence Citeh – got nothing againt you) it makes him seem a lot better. Who knows? However it’s not The Arsenal’s divine right to sign him just because his dad played for us. It would be nice to get him – but it’s never going to be a ‘sure thing’ or our god given right. Speaking of which, why the hell haven’t we made a bid for Given – who is a proven world class stopper and one of the Premierships most consistent keepers?


  6. bongo et al.

    Lets hope SWP is like me and ignores his step father.
    As for selling players – the games changed everyone does it.
    Makalele from Real to Chelsea.
    Sammuel E’to from Real to Barca.(registration)
    Zidane from Juve to Real.
    What signs were they portraying.?
    My main bone of contention is that WE HAVE TO GET SWP. By hook or crook.
    Just look at the goals he scores for a wide player in their team.
    He would be THE catalyst for Champions League Glory- he is without question. THE MISSING LINK OR THE FOX IN THE BOX!

  7. bongo et al.

    To tommy,
    Read Wengers books. He will not sign a goalie under six foot.
    Given does not fit his criteria,
    most fans I know would contemplate selling a player if it enhances the teams chances of winning the biggest trophy.
    Its called opinion.

  8. uncle fester

    you say the games changed yes it has but Makelele admitted he only left Madrid because of money and for no other reason Etoo Real needed the cash Zidane 49 million reasons and the fact he did fuck all for Juve and whats all this SWP he is no fucking messiah the Arse’s problems in last CL was crap defence,but i will add that when Juve sold Zidane they won CL following year and the same went for PSV you dont need star names to win CL but i would not sell Titi he’s fun to watch you would appreciate him more if you had to sit watching Ray Hankin and John Hawley and the great Chris Kiyomya enough said

  9. bongo et al.

    those leeds rejects were not good to watch?
    Titi? what sort of name is that?
    Kiyomya was GG last signing.
    i wonder whose wengers will be? SWP?

  10. tommigooner

    Mr Bongo, I know everyone has an opinion but selling your best player(s) doesn’t win titles. OK Liverpool won the CL, however that’s a knock-out competition. Millwall made the FA Cup final last season and ok got walked all over – however if they managed to play defensive and nick a win – would that make them a ‘top team’ or just bloody lucky. We won the cup this year – but how lucky was that? Penalties is a lottery.

    The only Wenger book I have read is by Myles Palmer and he goes into detail how Wenger likes his players, athletic, strong, fast etc. However sometimes you have to go against the grain. Obviously I’m not going to tell Wenger how to pick his players – but Given is a keeper you know can do the job and he’s done it for years, consistently.

    And don’t get me wrong, like you I would love to see in SWP in The Arsenal top. But it remains to be seen if we do bid for him. I reckon he’ll be making a mistake to go to SW London as all he would be doing is getting splinters – cos I dont fancy his chances of seeing much action – what with Robben & Duff there.

  11. tommigooner

    Do you reckon Kiyomya was a ‘joke’ signing? GG signed him knowing he was going to get busted by the FA for taking bungs? The day Kiyomya came through the door GG went the very next day.

  12. uncle fester

    if it makes you feel better monsieur Thierry Daniel Henry dont bank on SWP he looks a fine player but as far as i am concerned the jury is still out

  13. uncle fester

    yeah GG was having a laugh and dont forget Jimmy Carter and the mesmeric Eddie McGoldrick who could ask for more

  14. tommigooner

    What’s all this talk about SWP? As good or under rated or the jury is still out, we have RvP. Who I reckon is the next big thing, he gave a little taster of what he can do this season and I am sure as hell, next season he’ll prove to be a revalation (hope I haven’t jinxed the boy now). He is learning from the great Dutch Meister DB10 as well, so he will only get better.

  15. uncle fester

    tommigooner i could not agree more RVP improving under DB10 things looking good .

  16. bongo et al.

    Was it me or did Nigel Winterburn (true gooner) deliberately not pass to Eddie Mc.
    He was poor. Palace and irish fans adored him though.
    Even Wenger could not turn him around. I think I had his name on the back of my AFC shirt that close season. it was our only summer signing.
    I might still have it. I could put in on ebay!
    Would Rachel and Uncle Fester bid for it?

  17. uncle fester

    your having a laugh Bongo

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