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Tonight’s game is, predictably, being billed as Spuds’ chance to kick us in the ribs by handing the title to Chelski. Rubbish – it’s all about us coming second to secure qualify-free Champions League football, or Spuds cementing a UEFA Cup place. That’s what’s really at stake.

Not that it doesn’t have an extra frisson, I grant you. Small victory though it would be, I’d rather not watch our visitors enjoying themselves tonight. I think we can safely rule out 5-4, but I think it will be pretty close – a typical derby.

Of course, it’s revenge on a particularly small scale – a bit like last season, when their fans cavorted like they’d won the cup following our draw, as our fans celebrated winning the title. I never did quite get that.

Oddly enough, it was 25th April last year when we won at WHL, exactly a year ago. Spooky.

Anyway, if we fail to win the match tonight, Chelski will be crowned champions, making official what has been coming for several months. Now, if I were a Chelski fan – perish the thought – I’d want to win the title either A) At home, preferably, or failing that B) Away. As it stands, they could have it won without kicking a ball, which is less than satisfactory, for them. Not that I really care two hoots, but anyway.

Wenger looks set to retain the back four that has served us so well recently, meaning of course that Sol Campbell will not play again. Whoever thought he’d have to wait to get back into the team? Other absentees include Henry, Ljungberg, Clichy and Almunia.

Some congratulations: To Ashley Cole and Thierry Henry, both of whom made the PFA Team of the Season, and to the Arsenal Ladies, who won the league yesterday.

And so onto the main event…


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  1. Withnail and Ian Ure

    To be honest it’s more about finishing higher than Manure rather than the Spuds or the Chavs. Second place would keep some momentum at least, along with the C/L benefits.
    Secondly I’m finding it harder and harder to actually type the ”proper” names for the above teams. Off to therapy I think.

  2. N16 Gooner

    I do remember being at Highbury in 1991 when Leeds secured a draw with Liverpool (0-0 I think) and Arsenal won the League title before the late kick-off against Man Ure.

    The celebrations started in the streets and went on as we beat them 5-1 and received the trophy that afternoon.

    I don’t think I was too upset that we were in the street rather than in the ground, but I suppose Chelski players won’t be able to celebrate as they have some minor european game on Wednesday.

  3. Farnborough Gunner

    Tonight will mean more to Spurs than Arsenal. This is Spurs’ cup final – ours is next month.

  4. halfNice

    As long as they leave empty-handed I don’t care what it means to them.
    My friends keep telling me that Arsenal are so big now that the spuds aren’t really our rivals any longer. But call me small-minded or petty or whatever, I still want them to get relegated.

  5. Vince

    I’m with all the previous….scum spuds to get relegated and can’t say or type manure’s or chavski’s proper names anymore….just can’t do it….or spuds!

  6. vivb

    If you were at WHL for the 5-4 you would understand how wound up they get over this game. 35,000 people screaming at AW sit down you paedophile shows how much they have lost the plot.

    Depressing to see Quincy has decided to take up the Pennant hell raiser role! Stupid boy.

  7. halfNice

    What has Quincy done?

  8. Gerry Gooner

    Quincy will get off scot free- it’ll cost the crown too much money to print his full name on the top of a summons.
    This PFA team pisses me off every year- Rio Ferdinand…come on.

  9. vivb

    Been arested for a punch up after the PFA award dinner.

    He had a wild reputation at Ajax which is why they released him.

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