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Apologies and all that for the non posting on this ‘ere blog. My excuse is, ahem, erm. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Doing well in the cricket, tick, won the rugby, tick, won the football, tick. Not a bad day overall if you ask me. The latter, too, was particularly gratifying as England finally played as we’d all hoped they would about 18 months ago. Gripping stuff it was too, and made better by Sol not getting injured (he’d have struggled to, to be fair).

Well, as it’s Sunday morning, what better than some tabloid tittle-tattle? The biggest and most juicy (though to be fair, hardly most surprising) story is an ‘EXCLUSIVE’ in today’s Sunday Mirror, where it is claimed that Ashley Cole will exercise a get-out clause in his new short contract that enables him to quit, (for Madrid, it says) in the summer for a measly £8m.

Now I’d rather the man stayed at the Grove, a preference based mainly on the fact that there are few better in his position, and partly too on his nationality, but I’m not so blinkered that I don’t realise he will leave if he wants to. What I do object to – if he wants to leave – is the fee. Is £8m a good deal for a player of his ability? Of course not. Possibly joining him, if stories buzzing around across the wires over the last few days are to be believed, is Robert Pires, who may join Pat in Italy. Then there’s Thierry – but that’s another story, isn’t it…

Indeed it is, and it’s in the News of the World. “Nothing has changed in my contract situation”, he said, tantalisingly, “I’m very stubborn, and if I think I’m right, I won’t let go”.

“If you can show me I’m wrong I’ll hold my hands up and say ‘OK, I’m sorry'”. Then he bamboozles us by adding, “But I’m not stupid in my stubbornness, I try to do what’s best”.

As an act of muddying the water, it’s unsurpassable. Good work Tel. Clear as mud.


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