The Day Before The Day

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Like Sol Campbell, I went a bit missing there for a few days, sorry.

So anyway, it’s all getting a bit exciting again, not least because we warmed up for tomorrow’s game with a win rather than a defeat. We’ve got a great chance to progress, but will we? If I knew that I’d be a rich man. But I don’t and I’m consequently not.

In the one or two years ahead, we’re going to need our experienced players to help balance out the youth in the side, which is why I sincerely hope Pires does sign a one-year extension. He’s far from set the side on fire this season but is more than worth another year. At the moment, the saga’s becoming a bit of pantomime and is anyone’s guess, with the stay-o-meter swinging towards the he-won’t according to this.

Wenger, for his part, echoed my words by saying, “I want him to stay because he is an important player in the squad – we have such a young squad that the experience of players like Robert Pires will always be important to us. He wants more than one year, but I remain faithful to our policy.”

As for tomorrow, Real have included Ronaldo in their squad for tomorrow. I’m inclined to call him names and guffaw about his girth, but I won’t, because it’s bad karma. If I call him a fatty he will score a hat-trick.

I just hope the svelte Brazilian powerhouse has an off-day.


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