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So Patrick doesn’t like having to play the semi-final of the FA Cup in the same venue as the final. It takes away from the occasion, he reckons, and he’s right. He’s not the only one, but he’s going to have to get used to the idea, as that’s the way it’s going to be from now on, like it or lump it.

With Wembley costing something like £750m to construct, the only way the FA can get their money back is to play all semis there, and that’s what they plan to do. I don’t like it, few people seem to in fact, but that’s the price we pay for the new Wembley Stadium.

At least Wembley, for the vast majority of Arsenal fans, is nearer than Cardiff.

It’ll be interesting to see whether it’s full, at both ends. Tickets are now on general sale – the ones costing £55 and £45 are still available. Which is not really surprising.

Right – I’m off. No time to waste.


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  1. Farnborough Gunner

    A contraversial view maybe, but I don’t believe we needed to build a new Wembley Stadium. Playing England matches at various club grounds works for me (and probably works for any England fans who live a distance from W London). Many friendlies draw small crowds, so don’t need to be staged at a Wembley-sized venue anyway.

    I also don’t have a problem with domestic cup finals being played at a club’s ground, provided the pitch, stadium, transport links etc are up to it. The venue could either be chosen at the start of each season (as happens in European competitions) or when the finalists are known. Either way the venue would have to change from year to year, so one club does not host every cup final, appearing to get preferential treatment.

    So many clubs have excellent stadiums now, or are about to build one soon. so there are plnety of options for venues for showpiece matches without a dedicated national stadium.

  2. ArseMK

    £55 is a LOT of money, especially when you add the cost of travel etc. I love Arsenal but given that the match is on TV I’m afraid I will have to continue to watch them from afar. And anyone accusing me of being a crap fan can get bent, I goand see my local team all the team.

  3. halfNice

    Does anyone else ever keep an eye on Mark Lawrenson’s premiership predictions on the BBC Sports website? For some reason the man’s predicting a draw for our game against Boro. Now that our boys have something exciting to play for (the race for 2nd place will go right down to the wire) I think we should come away with a win. Not that I’m trying to jinx it tho.

  4. vivb

    There were only limited number of £25 & £35 tickets. Got mine though having travelled to Old Trafford for a 1.00 pm kick off against Sheffield 3 years ago Cardiff seems par for the course, there were plenty of empty seats then too. I know being no.131456 on the ticket registration scheme if we get to the final I won’t get a ticket. Guess the fact the game is live on TV, there are no trains and we are playing one of the most unattractive teams in the premiership doesn’t help.

    Interesting how our and Man Utds run in will go we’ve still got some big games to come (Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea as well as Everton) at least we have the first team fit at long last. Hopefully they will feel they have something to prove after Chelsea and Liverpool’s European Performances this week.

  5. vivb

    Ps Congratulations to the Arsenal Ladies who last night secured a 1-1 draw against the professional Swedish Champions in the semi-final 1st leg of the UEFA Womens Cup. Pity the 2nd leg is on the friday before we play in Cardiff or I’d go along and watch.

  6. vivb

    Pps: Semi-final sold out, so at least our end will be full :o)

  7. halfNice

    Yes, the Arsenal Ladies are doing very well. Looks like they’ll be bringing in more silverware this season than the men. Now if only Sepp Blatter can get them to wear beach volleyball outfits… 🙂

  8. Rofmeister

    Halfnice, i read Lawro’s prediction and couldn’t quite get where he was coming from. boro still have some injuries including the big-headed Dag, reckon we will win by a two goal margin

  9. billy boy

    just checked this site out after a link from arseblog. GOOD SITE! keep it up. clock end billy

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