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Open season on Arsenal’s demise continues apace: Smudger gives five reasons why we’re ‘on the slide’, the Guardian’s David Hytner on our transfer shortcomings and Martin Keown offers his blueprint on how to turn us around. The most telling thing from the latter relates to our gameplan, or defending, at Old Trafford: “There is such uncertainty over the basics”. (Lee Dixon touched on the same on MOTD). The Times suggests the pressure on Wenger to spend is now coming not just from the fans, but from the board too. Bit late, isn’t it? But better late than never.

I won’t pretend I’m not concerned, because I really, really am. A tailspin this long hints at deeper problems than poor defending or a lack of real depth to the squad.

That said, a stronger squad could be just the catalyst for re-energising us, and Wenger seems to have located his chequebook just in time. Park Chu-Young, though not announced officially, has joined and will offer another option up front. And no sooner had Armand Traore gone awol at Old Trafford (he wasn’t the only one) than rumour filtered through he was on his way to join Warnock’s revolution at QPR, to be replaced by Fenerbahce’s Andre Santos.

I know nothing about him, but at 28 he fits the right age profile, he’s got Champions League experience and he’s a Brazilian international. Some say he’s good at bombing forward but shakier at the back, and if that’s true then he fits the Arsenal full-back job spec like a glove… though I will of course reserve my judgement.

What’s certain is that the next two days promise to be busy – refreshingly busy. For once, I expect stuff to happen. Hell, it might even be happening whilst I type.

And finally, I’m hoping to be a bit more present on the blog from now on. I took the whole of August off, zipping hither and thither – one of the benefits of redundancy – and seeing that I’m now on the Senator Bob, there’s no excuse to let it fall quite so fallow…

Right, cup of team and NewsNow beckon. Busy morning ahead…


Mertesacker the latest?


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  1. Jeff

    If these two sign, we’re only 4 or 5 short.

  2. East Lower

    That’s the spirit… Do think we need another midfield body mind you. Looks like Mertesacker, Santos, Chu-Young are done deals. 

    The ins and outs this summer are unprecedented. 8 have left already – could well be 10 once Bendtner & Almunia go.

  3. Sajit Kunnumkal

    Mert is a disaster waiting to happen. All our experiments with slow CBs have failed – starting from Cygan.. Mertersacker is going to be a flop. Missed out on Cahill as we speak. Ridiculous. Didnt they realize that you arent going to get good players if you wait till the 11th hour?

  4. Jeff

    Cygan had trouble making the step up.

    I’ve just seen the interview with the new striker.  Get him on the pitch, and let’s see if he’s worthy of that 9 strip.

  5. Anonymous

    Is anyone actually happy with these signings?  Anyone actually think we’re now going to start demolishing opposition teams?  Guarantee by the end of the season Mertesacker will have made numerous mistakes and will have totally lost confidence, Santos will be found out as an attacker who can’t defend.  Basically Arsenal have arrived late to the transfer sale and all the decent items have gone.  Now we’re rushing around adding crap to the basket.  Mata’s gone, so’s Jones and Young.  Don’t worry let’s buy Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the fans will give him an extra cheer just because he’s English before finding out he’s actually average after three years. 

    I’m so uninspired and frankly fucked off with Arsenal I just really can’t muster any enthusiasm. 

    And I’ve come to the realisation that I hate Wenger.  I hate his voice and his stupid post match interviews where he lies and uses the same excuses.  

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