Reyes And Robin

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It’s Champions League week and we are in the heavenly position of being top of our group with a home game to play. It’s nosebleed stuff.

Of course, I’ve managed to cock things up big time – and doubly so – by not being able to attend both Wednesday’s match (work – pah) and Saturday’s (wedding). Somewhere, in a small corner of North West London, there is a happy cousin with my tickets.

Still, normally we’re sweating heavily by about Match Day Four (as it’s sexily known), so it’s a nice situation to be in, and it may tempt Wenger to throw in a player who is seriously knocking on the starting eleven door – namely Robin van Persie.

And how many Arsenal fans are in agreement about returning the lesser goalscoring Reyes to his natural habitat on the left wing – at least for a while? He needs a confidence boost (unfortunately this type of thing cannot be done by injection) and he seems most at home hurtling up and down the left wing. I’d like to see a midfield of (l-r) Reyes, Gilberto, Fabregas, Ljungberg personally, but then that’s just me.

Other than that, the mucky legal saga involving Mathieu Flamini has been settled in our favour, a mere 16 or so months since he joined. They were hardly going to send him back to Marseille now, were they? Anyway, it’s all dusted and done.

That’s it for now – enjoy the sunshine, if indeed you have any.


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