Return of the Swede?

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Well now, what’s happening this morning? Not much, truth be told. Walcott’s hand, fingers crossed, is the only injury our lads have picked up playing for their countries.

It’s onto the Grove again on Saturday, and the Geordies have problems in defence as well as the obvious ones in attack. It looks like they’ll be able to muster a back four, just about, now that Bramble is fit.

He’s a conundrum of a player is Bramble – promising enough as a youngster to be linked to just about everyone, promise that was backed with a transfer fee that was pretty hefty given his age. Trouble is, you never know what you’ll get from him. Solid and dependable one day, an absolute disaster the next. Having said that, according to the folks over at Black & White & Read All Over, their defence has actually been pretty good of late. It’s goals they’ve got problems locating.

We may see a return for Ljungberg too – a player who has been written off in some quarters but who still offers a workrate and cunning to be lauded. I remember the fresh-faced Swede scoring on his debut – and he’s now our longest-serving player. Time flies.

Now I’ve got a few days off work, so being the sad type that I clearly am, I’m off on a stadium tour tomorrow morning. I’m especially looking forward to the plunge bath bench thing, and am packing my Speedo high cuts just in case.


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