Resilient reds square things up

Fantastic comeback from the boys.

For most of the first half it looked like a mistake to play a side with an average age of just over 21, but whatever le Boss put in their half-time milk did the trick, and we roared away in the second half to level things up. We could even have won it in the end.

It really was the cliché of a game of two halves. Baptista summed it up really; a bit of a nothing going forward in the first 45, he even managed to score an own goal to cap it all off. Then in the second half he was everywhere, slotted two in and was a proper menace. Apparently, he’s now joint top scorer in this year’s Milk Cup – six goals in two appearances.

All through the game we saw the promise of Denilson and Diaby, and of course Fabregas, though he can hardly be labelled anymore as a player with ‘promise’. He’s the whole hog he is, at 19 already one of the finest midfielders in the league. I know I’m blinkered, but nobody will dispute it. He’s just extraordinary.

Then in the second half Walcott sprung into life when he moved inside, and with the introduction of Hleb and Eboue it gave us the power and experience to pounce.

It’s just so good to see these players click – just stop to think for a second what our midfield could become if Diaby, Denilson and Fabregas continue to improve in the way they have been doing.

At the back, Traore had another good game, Hoyte was solid and put in a magnificently weighted cross for our equaliser, and though Toure was at fault for the Totterers’ first, he redeemed himself with a powerful performance for the rest of the game. Senderos too dealt with everything thrown at him pretty well.

Two comebacks in one week – resilient as well as promising. Fantastic stuff. Sets the second leg up, doesn’t it?


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