Arsenal 2008-9: Expect everything, and nothing

Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa

“Comprehensively losing to a team they can ill afford to encourage” – Guardian

“What was shocking was the ease with which Villa brushed Arsenal aside” – Times

“Mauled by an Aston Villa side that out-ran, out-fought and, ultimately, outplayed them” – Telegraph

“A fourth loss of the season… just about demolishes their credentials” – Independent

“Potential can derelict my balls” – Arseblogger on Twitter

Well, that was fun wasn’t it? Another shambles of a performance; it lacked energy, guile, motivation and just about all the ingredients needed to win. The first 10 minute aside, Arsenal were second best and could – should – have lost by a greater margin. Is there really any point going over our deficiencies again? We’ve been over the same old ground so many times it’s churned to pieces.

Villa were good though – much better than us. They will be sniffing fourth, and why not? On yesterday’s evidence, the team that can locate some consistency will get it. Fortunately for Arsenal, Villa have been up and down too.

Title pretenders? Just pretenders if you ask me.

Arsenal are a proper enigma this season. One week you’ll get it all, the next nothing – and as a result, the fans don’t know what’s coming next. Will we win at Man City? We might. Will we lose? We might. Will the side turn up? Perhaps. Will they lack heart? Could do.

Longest winning streak in league: 3 games
Longest unbeaten run: 4 games
Goals conceded: 15 in 13 games
Days until transfer window opens: 45

45 days


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.