Uh-oh, it’s the ‘O’ word 

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I knew it wouldn't take long. It started with the last day's rib-tickling second place, then after a few weeks of thinking about other things, it picked up when we…

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Bring on the cricket

Arsenal 1-0 Norwich One nil to the Arsenal, three points and we shuffle into third. That’s a sentence you could seamlessly copy from one Arsenal season and paste into another,…

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Here comes the Sanchez

Arsenal 2-0 West Brom Of all the things that need to happen this summer - clear-out, existential reappraisal, signings that exude ambition - nonsense about the futures of Alexis Sanchez…

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Does hope really spring eternal?

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A month has leaked away since my last post, and despite a recent uptick in form and results, I’m struggling to get goodly excited by what’s left of this campaign.…

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Coq off, Coq down and Coq out

Embed from Getty Images Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal ‘Arsenal fans are too demanding’, people say. ‘They have unrealistic expectations’. ‘They turn on their team too easily’. What a load of piffle.…

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Meek Arsenal are all at sea

Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal The baffling thing yesterday was not so much that we lost - because lord knows, name a circumstance and Arsenal can magic up a defeat for…

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Here we go again, and I can’t wait

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Remember the last time? Remember the pocket Russian's thunderbolt? It’s amazing how quickly you forget a frustrating, rain-spattered nil-nil draw when you have the small matter of a European Cup…

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Arsenal fluff their lines again

Arsenal 0-1 Chelsea A weary sense of familiarity abounded after another crack at breaking Chelsea’s strange grip on Arsenal failed, practically before it had begun. If Chelsea were meant to…

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