Midfield talk can wait

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Wenger is “too busy” to sign someone at present, it seems – well I’m too busy to be fooled by that. We all know a player will come in and we all know it will be soon – so let’s not spiral into a trough of gloom about it. He’s giving out mixed messages about it because he doesn’t want it to detract from our big night on Wednesday.

He’s right, if you ask me, to concentrate first on Wednesday’s tie in Holland. Let’s face it, we can’t afford to lose the £10m the Champions League group stage gives us, nor indeed can we afford to be without the kudos of being in the competition, not if we want this squad to stay together in the medium and long term.

Yes, Diaby’s injury has put the requirement for a new midfielder into sharper focus but it can all wait until Thursday, frankly. Whether it’s a clever tactic to drive prices down or whether there are tangles that need unravelling before his main target joins us, is not worth worrying about. Besides, does anyone really think that Wenger flapping about signing a midfielder right before Denilson’s big chance would do anything other than upset Denilson’s confidence? Put yourself in Denilson’s shoes.

Denilson will partner Fabregas on Wednesday and I for one am not tearing my hair out about that. He’s looked good in pre-season, he deserves his chance and the last thing we need to tell him at this stage, directly or indirectly, is that we’re desperate to sign someone to come in ahead of him (even if that is true).


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