Queen and Lauren out injured

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Morning all.

Everyone’s happy because it’s Friday. Everyone with the exception of Lauren perhaps, who’s out crocked till the New Year. I’m not quite sure why this news is being reported this morning when it’s been common knowledge for some days now, but there you go. It was and he still is.

Yesterday was the grand and official opening of the Grove, with players lining up in suits and and lots of people buffing brass (possibly), but unfortunately for all involved the star attraction remained on the physio’s bench back at the palace – like Lauren, also a bit crocked. The Duke of Edinburgh stood in, opened the curtains and made a brief speech, so all was not lost.

As is normal, Mr Wenger will provide the day’s news and soundbites in his news conference later on, so I’m not going to twitter on any more than is needed.

But before I go, I’ll point you in the direction of mr arseblogger’s arsecast. What you’ll probably find is that he’s got a dulcet and smooth radio voice, while I just sound like a git.

Friday. Hurrah.


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