Last-minute snifter

Arsenal 3-0 Aston Villa

Here I am again, fashionably late. A little bit like Arteta’s free-kick then, which will have been missed by hordes of Arsenal fans who’d upped sticks and begun their homeward journey already.

Among these I count the remaining members of the merry throng I sit with, including Brother Wimbledon, Snowboard Rob and the Shedman, who had moments earlier slipped away to the pub. The latter is the same man who pre-match had ordered himself an additional pint at seven minutes to three. Well, it was a hot day.

Obviously, leaving early is not the kind of behaviour I countenance (unlike the pint at 2:53pm, which is to be admired), but if you were to offer excuses, it was already a rubber of the deadest proportions. Almost the exact opposite to the previous home game, of course.

The question is: would you prefer nailbiting edge-of-seat late-in-the-day wins or something that draws to a rather more sedate conclusion? I’d take the latter anyday, unless you could magically foretell the future of course, which with the best will in the world, I can’t.

We will of course face far greater tests in our battle to finish the season on a high – something that has eluded us two seasons running – but it was a joy to see such an assured and confident performance. And to see more scorers come out the woodwork – they’re coming from the defence and from the midfield all of a sudden. That’s confidence for you.


Given @arseblog was over for his traditional Arseblog 5-a-side shindig, I had wended my way to the usual watering hole to say hello prior to the game. The sun was out and to say the place was chocker would be the understatement that broke the camel’s back [rework this one – Ed]. The ratio of incomers to those leaving was about fifteen to one, all of which meant I never even got as far as the inner bowels. Instead I loitered aimlessly by the door, though it didn’t stop me from bumping into @gingers4limpar, @gunnerblog and @HayleyWright. Good fun all round and top people all.

“Stop waffling, man”.



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  1. shedman77

    I’d like to blame the unseasonable weather for the 2:53pm beer but it was really just greed. But if that is what I need to do to secure a composed 3-0 win then I’m willing to take one for the team every home game. 

  2. shedman77

    And what a telling moment when Szczesny ran across to congratulate Gervinho when he ran back 50 yards to thwart an attack down the left wing.  

  3. East Lower

    Yes – I’d forgotten about that. Great solidarnosc.

  4. East Lower

    You’re a noble man, Shedders.

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