Arteta, who art unproven

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Oof, what a mess. I saw a few comments after the defeat to Brighton that this was as bad as they’ve seen Arsenal play. I’m not so sure that’s true:…

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Arsenal suffer a collective bad hair day

W.B.A. 2-1 Arsenal I’m not sure whether ‘a bad day at the office’ does this one justice, though Arsenal clearly did lose the document they were working on, said something…

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Weave your magic, Tony Colbert

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Good morning, and as the French say, ‘April Fish’. Internationals have been and gone, and there seem to have been wall-to-wall matches since Thursday. Uefa changed this a few years…

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Getting used to sausages

Wigan 0-1 Arsenal One-nil to the Arsenal, that old war-cry of a result, forged during an era when we were often dour but brutally effective in defence. It was a…

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Arteta, we art in heaven

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester City One-nil to the Arsenal, and as one goal wins go, that one was as sweet as it was deserved. Sweet because we needed a win and…

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Last-minute snifter

Arsenal 3-0 Aston Villa Here I am again, fashionably late. A little bit like Arteta’s free-kick then, which will have been missed by hordes of Arsenal fans who’d upped sticks…

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