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The classic Wenger signing: while we are all peering south through our binoculars hoping to catch a glimpse of a £15m midfield powerhouse, up pops a £750k veteran defender from the north.

What do I think? Well the pessimist in me hopes this isn’t the only piece of business Wenger will do over the next ten days. It’s not good enough if Silvestre has been brought in to free Toure up to go into the midfield. That would be a cheapskate option if you ask me and won’t address the inherent squad weakness.

And I’m inclined to ask why a) Utd were prepared to sell us a player for the first time in 34 years and b) why he cost so little.

But the optimist in me says, purely as additional defensive cover, and throwing aside his recent injuries and poor form, for £750k (if that is was the cost) then he’s hardly a bank-breaking risk. He’s certainly experienced and we do need some years added to the squad (though years are not the only criteria – or we’d have signed Dean Windass). He’s flexible too – and gives us experienced cover at left and centre-back where we didn’t have it before.

I think that midfielder will still come. Until he does, and August 31st comes and goes, we won’t properly be able to assess the squad’s chances of lifting the title.

Wenger certainly thinks he will “reinforce our challenge for honours”.

I wonder what this means for Phil Senderos?


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