Wenger can’t let this turn into a season of post-mortems

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There’s been way too much soul-searching this season and it’s only 1st November.

After the defeat at Fulham, Wenger told us “We have to respond with a top class performance because was we did today was just not good enough”.

“I think losing today is going to be the best warning that we can be given”, said Adebayor.

Then we lost to Hull.

“It’s a good lesson for us because the commitment was on their side”, said the boss. “I believe as a unit, as a team we were not at the level where we wanted to be. I believe that’s more collectively and its more down to mental aspects rather than technical aspects.”

“We were not complacent” said Gallas.

And then, of course, we needlessly threw two points away on Wednesday.

Wenger was keen to accentuate the positives but added, “The negative side is that we didn’t win and I believe that was down to a lack of maturity.”

“To be champions in this way? You can never be a champion,” said Adebayor.

So, three deflations, three disappointments. We’re only six points off the pace, but let’s be frank, the tired old “we lacked maturity” arguments are being wheeled out just a bit too frequently.

The fact that we’re rotating our central defence like a ferris wheel is not good. Today, it could easily be the turn of Djourou and Toure – our sixth central pairing of the season. What is that telling you?

But there’s nothing to do other than wipe the slate clean and start again. Lift the spirits, prove we can defend.

It will certainly be interesting to see whether talk of Wenger’s ire was right – and we’ll find out when we look at his selection today.

Personally, I’m happy to try Djourou and Toure – nothing else has looked that solid, has it? For me, I think it’s also time to try the rangy Diaby in the middle with Fabregas. Denilson – maybe I was a bit harsh on him the other night – has been OK this season, but he doesn’t seem the ideal partner for Cesc and let’s be honest, we’re not going to drop Cesc.

So let’s try the rangy Diaby there and see – he looked good against the Totts.

Anyway, let’s get those three points and move on.

Come on you rip-roarers!


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