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What better way to avoid a dose of the Sunday night blues than that?

It was an absolutely fantastic team performance, and a totally merited three points away to one of our biggest rivals. It’s the first time we’ve beaten them in the league since the day Sylvanian Witless won us the league there four years and four months ago, and it was as sweet a victory as any that have come before.

Sweet because we were so good – solid at the back, utterly dominant in midfield and dogged up front. The man Adebayor can be frustrating as hell – such as when he ran half the length of the field only to pass the ball into the arms of their keeper – but he never gave up, his strength causes problems and he’s deceptively quick. He’s had his critics, but he answered them all yesterday if you ask me. If anything, he offers us options that other players cannot. So Ade Cool – well played.

As I mentioned before, people judge things too quickly these days (a general point, not just a football point), so to write us off only three games into the season was just lunacy.

There’s no doubt that, once a few things have been ironed out (like how to break down ten-man defences), this team has the potential to be something special. We might not win the league this year – we might not win anything at all – but on the evidence of yesterday Wenger’s latest Arsenal will at the very least be good value to watch.


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