It’s a good point

Heading off on an unbeaten league run is an almost universally great thing, but it does have its quirks; notably, that after a while you begin to think you should win each and every game.

Clearly, that’s not possible. It doesn’t matter how talented and self-confident the team, at some point it will be undone by injuries, a dip in form, a side that plays better on the day, just plain bad luck or a combination of all four.

What I’m trying to get at is that tonight was a very good result. We were not at our sparkling best, we were without two of our most creative midfielders, and we came up against a side that simply had no option but to improve. So a 1-1 away draw, midweek, against a team (and a manager) that over the years has been strong at home, is a decent result.

And we’re four points clear at the top – how good is that?


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