Three Of Your Finest English Points

Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham

Another very satisfying win against a much-improved Spuds team, I have to say, and three points that keep us in a good position to bag the runners-up slot. Apparently, it’s the first time we’ve done the double over our pals in N17 since 1989. You learn a new thing every day.

As the teams were about to come out, I swear I heard the roar of ‘Champio-nes’ coming from somewhere near the North Bank. I’m convinced it was being piped in through the PA system, which you have to laugh about. Perhaps it was a last throw of the music piper’s dice. It made me titter anyway. Of course, we are still the champions, though we are hanging off the abyss by our fingertips.

I thought we were excellent last night, full of pace and movement, and at times the inexperienced back line of our visitors was creaking like a barn door in the wind, especially down the flank occupied by Reyes, Pires and Cole. I mentioned before the game that Reyes owed us a big game (to be fair, I’ve been saying that for weeks), and finally, it arrived – despite missing two sitters, the young Spaniard scored one (a rasper it was too), and made a general nuisance of himself. When he’s put through the middle, he’s unstoppably fast, and last night, especially after he had scored, he was every bit the £10m+ striker.

Many teams are aware that by letting us ping passes through the middle to our jet-heeled strikers, they are asking for trouble, which is why they tend to pack the midfield. Spuds didn’t fancy this approach, thankfully, as a win was crucial to them too, so it was a nice open game.

Following the match, Wenger twittered on about the improved form of Jose as being something to do with the weather. “It might be a climate problem,” said the boss. “Seville and Bolton in the winter is a big difference.” Poor excuse really, but either way, let’s hope he can put in a performance like that next time out.

Everywhere else there were plenty of big performances, but the one criticism you could level at us – a common one this season – is that we wasted a hatful of chances. This made for a nervy finish in which we could have conceded an undeserved equaliser. That said, had that game happened earlier in the season, we may well have ended up drawing it. Our new-found defensive resilience helped us keep our heads and earn our seventh league 1-0 of the season. We’ve now only let one league goal in since 26 February.

Anyway, it sets up a grandstand league finish. Clearly, Bolton, Charlton and Newcastle will beat Chelski, and it’ll all go down to the wire.

And I’m a Dutchman.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. vivb

    Pity Man Utd v Chelsea was moved, it might have added to the pressure.

    Disappointing we didn’t kill the game off, the crowd whistling for full time gave the Spuds a victory of sorts.

    Thought Edu looked OK pity he’s off but at his age he has to be playing regularly.

  2. simon talker

    Good post.

    Hopefully now that Reyes has ‘ditched his bitch’, he will start showing some of the form that has earned him a move to the Arse. His movement off the ball is fantastic.

    Good luck to him – I wish him well.

  3. halfNice

    Reyes is such a frustrating talent. Other than ManUre’s Ronaldo, I doubt that anyone in the premiership can run with the ball as well as he does, but it’d be great if he could provide an end result a bit more often.

  4. Withnail and Ian Ure

    If Henry is out for the rest of the season I hope to see an improving Reyes. Apart from the fact that they occupy similar parts of the pitch Henry seems to be on his back constantly.Talking of which I remember a converted wide player taking a fair bit of time to find his feet up front.
    Van Persie was a plus also last night. Hope to see both stating against West Brom on Monday.
    Spuds in pink? They will be throwing quiche on the pitch next.

  5. matt

    It was indeed a fine and encouraging performance. Not much mention from the media (apart from the indy) about the age of our team. The average of the outfield players was well under 25, probably nearer 20. Every one of em was excellent.

    On another often spoken about subject, if Reyes does go to Madrid as Wenger hinted last night then who might we get in return or to replace him.? The new issue of the Gooner touts Totti as a possible replacement for Den but, god, I hope not. I hate that tosser. But then again Roma are strapped for cash……. I’d prefer V Persie getting more of a look in and someone like Adriano coming. Anyone know about his contract or about inter’s current finances?

    If Adriano came then Arsene would be able to rest Henry regularly. A couple of times this season Thierry has returned after a break and looked dynamite.

  6. Vince

    Every time I see him, I can’t believe Cesc is only seventeen….and Senderos really does look the part doesn’t he, shame he just missed that header, that would have been the icing on the cake.

  7. East Upper

    Chelsea will not win another game this season. We will be crowned Champions. Moronho will get the sack. Roman will sell the Scum back to Ken Bates for £1. Scum will go bust and we will reign supreme for evermore! Keep the faith!


    Chavscum will beat Bolton 1-0………..

  8. Gerry Gooner

    Disappointing to hear Wengers comments that Reyes may go. A move to Madrid was always on the cards but I thought he might stay a couple of seasons first. Is there room for him at Madrid?
    Adriano will cost mega bucks- can’t see us getting him. As for Totti- I agree- a complete tosser- don’t want him.
    For once I can’t think of any player at the right price that we can sign- we do need signings- just can’t think of the appropriate ones.
    By the way- Edu was class last night- we always call players mercenaries but i wish him well. Even since its been apparent he was leaving he’s always given 110% when called upon. A class act and a classy guy.

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