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Sometimes following football can be a bizarre experience: As I sit here, I have a ‘live’ feed of our pre-season match, against FC Wiez, playing in the background. There are no images yet, just audio, so I am effectively listening to Arsenal fans singing and other sundry people going about their business prior to the match kicking off.

Now I’m just getting a low humming noise, like someone trying to contact aliens. And now nothing – technology, eh, it’s brilliant.

Anyway, I digress.

It’s been another odd week, rather news-less. The Baptista thing’s gone well and truly dead for now, and there’s no other hard news in the pipeline – just a few rumours about Guti, some more about Pires, and some contract extension stories regarding Freddie and Thierry.

So for the time being, I’ll just relax, sit back, and watch Mark Howard, Justin Hoyte, David Bentley, Vito Mannone and Alex Song – surely all superstars in the making – do their stuff.

Aha, I have a picture! That’s more like it.


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  1. Freezing Pic

    I am too watching the friendly … dont really know why nothinh better to do I guess…. wait a min Goal and what a goal from Henry…. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the picture as mine keeps stopping.

  2. Al

    what a goal by henry… CAPTAIN FANTASTIC HE IS!

  3. Al


  4. Al


  5. HK Gooner

    Whats the score we dont have it on over here

  6. Tantalise

    Come on guys….stop being so sarcastic…..all the sarcasim doesn’t help the course of Arsenal for the coming season. So what if Arsene has not signed a replacement for PV4 yet? So what if……..wait a moment, is that a goal I am seeing or a refree’s whistle being blown for offside ?

    You decide. Te-he-he-he.

  7. Immortal


  8. Geir

    I’ve sent an e-mail to the Arsenal TV people asking them to change solution for web tv. A friend of mine is watching the Liverpool game from yesterday, he has no problems. I get nothing. Will they change their technical setup? No, of course not. THese people are stubborn. But it bugs me that Liverpool can do what we can’t.

  9. Rune Carlsen

    I also had the picture stopping all the time. It makes me so frustrated. I subscribed to this service so I could watch the preseason games. I have now mailed Arsenal and told them that I will cancel my subscription. Cause they just tell me to check my internet conection, and stuff like that…. for theire service is of course perfect! Blah!
    Hope to get a refund!

  10. RotorGoat

    It’s not great, I grant you.

  11. lonebone

    Cheers guys, youv`e just convinced me not to subscribe to the tv package.

  12. Davey

    I must say, Arsenal TV is the worst service I’ve paid for this year. The damn thing kept freezing every freaking time we had a chance to score. I missed every goal we scored. I’m still willing to give them another chance because this is my only way of watching our pre-season games without wasting a fortune.

  13. SEO Gooner

    The quality is not perfect, stops a bit too much here too. I got 2 MB and never any problem with my connection. But it was fun to watch the players. Pires looks very fit, so does Flamini, TH14, Bergkamp and that Traore on trail. 17 years, but looked very strong and had some great passes and tackles.

  14. Jean-Michel

    I doubt Arsenal can switch providers for their internet TV even if they wanted to, probably have some long-term sponsor-service deal with a crap company. I always thought it was Microsoft-linked seeing as how they can’t be bothered setting it up so Macintosh users can access it.

  15. Angus Wheaton

    Message for HK Gooner. Hi, my name is Angus. I’m starting a two year teaching contract in Hong Kong. I’m hoping you can give me some advice on some good places to watch games over there (presuming of course, that HK does stand for Hong Kong. Any answer appreciated, thanks.

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