A Good Mart These Days Is Hard To Find

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Now Poom hardly shook shook shook the room (1 league start and one league cup substitute appearance in two years), but I have to doff the old flat cap to the boy and wish him all the very best, I really do.

Fair play to him, seriously. I have no idea how much he earned, but good god it was a good gig while it lasted. I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to find a job that requires me to do very little indeed and get paid handsomely – and you won’t be remotely surprised to hear I’ve not found it yet.

The thing is, he is a keeper of some repute too; 200 Premier League appearances and over 100 caps for Estonia. So it’s really no surprise that being Manuel Almunia’s understudy (like that’s not bad enough in itself) was not getting his juices flowing. I wish him all the luck, and I hope next April he does more than he did this April (arsenal.com sums it up neatly by saying “Although Mart did not feature for the first team in April he did keep a clean sheet in his one appearance for Neil Banfield’s Reserves”).

In his place comes someone from not so very far away, the 22-year-old Pole Lukasz Fabianski. Polish names, and I know this because I’ve been there, are not easy to pronounce for an ignorant Englishman such as me at the best of times, so it’s most helpful of Arsenal’s official inter-voice to supply us with a phonetic pronunciation guide.

It’s Woo-Kash Fab-Yan-Ski, apparently.

A warm welcome to you Woo-Kash.


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