Henry Marches On

Arsenal 4-1 Norwich City

Good day all round, it must be said.

Sadly, I plucked the short straw, trod in a dog turd and had a pigeon plop on my head all at the same time – that’s to say, I forewent my ticket in order to go to work. I hate it when that happens, but then, I suppose I do need to feed my wine gum habit somehow.

Thierry Henry proved once again what an amazing player he is, and a joy to have at our club. He’s now just four goals short of equalling Wrighty’s record, and it looks like he could well do that this season. That will be some moment, whenever it comes. It made me think, too: I’ve been lucky enough to have been a season ticket holder not just throughout his reign, but through most of Ian Wright’s too. That means I’ve seen Arsenal’s top two goalscorers ever ply their trade, in the flesh. Forgive me for a touch of sentimentality here, but I do feel privileged.

I’ve read some good reports of Jose Reyes’s display too, who is beginning to show what he can do again. He, too, can be a joy to watch, and it’s a great shame that he’s so unsettled. I suppose there’s little you can do about that, but it’s a shame nevertheless. Newly-hairy Gilberto came back into the side and had a quiet, effective, unremarkable comeback, which is just what we expected, really. Can you imagine him in fisticuffs with Vieira in the centre circle? No no no – we resolve all our business in the tunnel, where you can get away with more.

The People reckons homesick Jose’s off in the summer, but not just him: We’re going to have a £40m clearout, with Pires, Cole and Ljungberg joining him. I just can’t see this happening – losing that much skill at once is nigh-on impossible to compensate for, especially given Ljungberg and Pires’s scoring records. One, maybe two of them, perhaps, and if I were a betting man, I’d say Reyes and possibly Cole, but not Freddie or le Bob.

And of course, we’re back up to second, which is nice.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Gunner Fan

    I’ve always read your blog once in a while. Interesting.

    I love the new layout, white and red, nice and simple. but perhaps too simple ?

  2. mrswoo

    I’d be happy for reyes to go seems to lack finishing and would rather see Bobby go than Ash. Freddie needs to be here to give us all those goals when we need them ( viz a number of games this season where he was our sole scorer and dug us out of the odd hole ) Also, he amuses me hurtling around with his straight arms stuck out and then looking confused when he falls over ( again ) and no-one takes any notice. …Flamini seems to like ‘inspecting the pitch at close range’ but he does get back up at lightning speed…what a good, under-rated player he is. Nice to see Gilberto out with his duster, tidying up, again. Don’t know what you lads have against his hair.

  3. Winchmore

    What may not have come across on TV was the disgraceful attitude towards Reyes shown by Henry. Henry repeatedly failed to pass to Reyes when the Spaniard was in better positions, on at least two occasions berating Reyes for not being ion the position into which he had played the ball. Sorry Thierry, I don’t think its reasonable for you to make a bad pass and then blame the (perhaps un)intended recipient. One one occasion Henry put Reyes through and his shot was save dby the keeper. Henry then showed the most ludicrous petulance by waving his arms at Reyes to say that he shoudl have passed back. Given that when Reyes hit the shpoty Henry was 10 yards behind this requires an arrogance of Mourinho-esque scale. On this showing, Henry is desperate to get Reyes out, quite why that should be I have no idea.

  4. Koolski

    Selling either Pires or Ljungberg would be a mistake. They are the top two scoring midfielders in the league for goodness sake. How about we wait until they stop scoring and performing, THEN sell them? I cannot understand why people seem to think we can just replace them with players of equal stature. Who is there available? Wright-Phillips is the only person close to them in terms of goals. If in five years we have two replacements who get as many goals I will be delighted (and also, frankly, amazed).

  5. Mike Collins

    Thanks for the ticket. Beautiful sun shining in my face all match and a magnificent performance to match. Thanks again.

  6. RotorGoat

    Yeah, rub it in. Swine. Anyway, you’re welcome, of course…

  7. Farnborough Gunner

    I think a lot of the reason for Reyes being unsettled stems from Reyes backing Arragones’ over his racist comments about Henry (which presumably only became public knowledge because Reyes spoke of them). This must be causing friction between Reyes and Henry, and between Reyes and anyone else in Highbury who believes Arragones was out of line (i.e. everyone except Reyes).

    His constant whining about life in England and his desire to leave for Real Madrid cannot go down too well with his team mates either.

  8. Farnborough Gunner

    I didn’t see the game, but by all accounts it was one of Arsenal’s better performances of the season. It’s funny how often our best performances this season occur when Vieira is missing from the team.

  9. Simon Says

    Gilberto was the rock on which this performance was based. He provides that simple platform from from which the attack springs. Cygan looked like the donkey he is and Lehman is mad as a hatter. But the smooth once touch play swamped Norwich. I agree though that Henry the master continues to shun Reyes. We will loose him in the summer. But we can’t loose Cole. Pires won’t be going anywhere and though Freddie scroes goals I’d be happy with SWP in his place. But it’s not the midfield/forwards that cost us this year. Any half way decent team would make Cygan look the joke that he is. Henry Mancini was never this bad.

  10. vivb

    The Reyes /Henry problem is public knowledge.

    Reyes is in a difficult position. Arragones is known in Spain for his outspoken views, he is no more racist than the majority of spaniards who have yet to grips with multiculturalism, he has even called Reyes a gypsy, and berated Real Madrid’s chairman for his football knowledge.

    Spanish national coaches like the Italians also don’t like picking non spanish based players. (Fabregas was only on the bench for their U21 side). When you are a young player you can’t criticise your national team manager. Sadly it looks inevitable that he will return to Spain with Real the most likely takers. Seville also could not sell him to another Spanish team there were riots even after he was sold to Arsenal.

    Maybe to guarantee his transfer he should try to punch Henry in a match.

  11. Reply gooner

    What your problem with Tierry Henry ?

    He always try to help Reyes.

    Like any striker in the world or any fans in the world he reacts when a goal has been scored or missed.

    It has nothing to do with Reyes. ALl the players do it. Reyes and Freddy both did it against Nortwitch.

    What is disturbing me with José is his inability to learn english in more than a year !

    I don’t think he came in Arsenal with the idea of spending the years he signed for.

    You can’t expect anything from people when you can’t talk to them for more than a year.
    You feel outiside, no matter what they do to help you.
    It shows you are not interested in speaking the language or you are not intelligent or not commited enough to do it.

    In any case it’s a personal failure.

    When Henry is a very nice guy with a huge responsabilty at Arsenal.
    But he can’t be guilty for everthing.

    All this disgracefull attack on Titi is just sad especially coming from an arsenal’s ‘fan’.

    Reyes already said he met the manager and the vice pr’esident to tell them “not to make things difficult for Real Madrid because I am not settled there and I can’t attack to the country, although I am happy on the pitch”.

    It can’t be clearer.

    I think every one with a decent brain will let Henry alone in Reyes’ desire to join Madrid.

    He just came here, so he can move quickly to Real. that’s all, and that’s what’s going to happen.
    Tierry Henry or not, Reyes’s got his plan for his own career and that’s right.
    He should assume it, and everybody should accept.

    Don’t blame Henry just for the sake of it.

    Please a little respect for Henry.
    We should all be gratefull to him for what he’s achieving.

    I am happy to be here and enjoy one of the greatest player in the game history.

  12. simon talker

    Winchmore and VivB

    I think that Henry has always had a problem with Reyes. Obviously the whole Aragones situation hasn’t helped. But can you think back to last year? Henry was doing the arm waving/petulant signs then. When Henry scored the thunderbolt against Manure (1-1), Jose goes to celebrate with him, and Thierry flicks his arms of his shoulder.

    It’s about respect and he certainly wouldn’t start arm-waving at Bergy.

    I put it down to Thierry being top boy at Arsenal and seeing Jose as being the one player that could dislodge/share some of the limelight. Afterall, Jose is the clubs record signing.

    Maybe I’m being a bit OTT – but he definitely doesn’t like him. It fucks me off, because I really like our little Spanish Wizard.

    Plus – Reply Gooner – Bobby Pires has been at the club for near on 5 years and he still can hardly string a sentence together and gives most of his interviews in his native tongue.

  13. simon talker

    to anyone that does care – bowyer bought a house (2.25 million) – in hildenborough (sevenoaks, kent) 3 months ago. hes definitely got something on the go with some south london/southern club.

  14. Liam's shinpad

    Have to agree with Reply Gooner. A year in Blighty without a grasp of English is hardly going to settle anyone, even with your gf and family around you. As a part-time English teacher, I suggest Arsenal hire me to put him (and Le Bob) through a crash course. It’ll cost Arsenal a fortune, but hey, it’s for a good cause…

  15. vivb

    Reyes is also renouned for his lack of intelligence (a bit like a Spanish Rooney), hardly suprising he hasn’t learn’t English. I can’t understand why his family chose to live in Bedford rather than London where there is a large Hispanic community.

    Question is whether SWP will be a better replacement for next season.

    Certainly not dissing Henry who should have won World Footballer of the Year. Although it is the responsibility of senior players to ensure team spirit and all players feel included.

  16. 2 cent delly

    all this talk about selling reyes, pires, freddi and ashley…i don’t think that we could compensate for letting go 4 good players…i could see two going…the two are reyes and any of the other…in my view i would rather it be bobby of freddi cause they look to be the more dispensible…i really think this summer though we need about 8 players in…good players not prospects….we have those already….

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