Good King Fabregas

What a way to sign off for Christmas.

There were eight goals at the icy Grove, and fortunately six of them went our way – though as scorelines go, it was a bit lopsided.

As well as going 1-0 down – we’ve been dishing out seasonal cheer at home since August – we were pegged back for 15 minutes at 3-2, at which point we briefly wobbled. Then it was London bus syndrome, with the fourth being followed rapidly by numbers five and six. In the end, it was a total rout, but in fairness to Blackburn, four goals difference was a bit harsh.

But hey, like I care. Three points is three points, and with such attacking verve as we showed today from beginning to end, we go into Christmas in good cheer.

There were some excellent performances from our lads; Adebayor, again, was terrific all day (I wrote on November 26th that he needed to improve, and by God, has he). Fabregas was superb again, and if you haven’t heard about his nutmegging of Lily Savage, then do all you can to watch it on the telly, or later on the intergnest.

Anyway, it was a cracker. Not only did he make the dislikeable shag-mopped midfielder look like a git, but it created the goal for Nigel Flamini too.

Hoyte, too, put in some lung-busting runs, Gilberto mopped up as ever, Hleb terrorised the right wing, and van Persie, after missing some sitters, signed off with a useful brace.

So a warm glow for us Arsenal fans and some delicious Xmas cheer.

All that remains for me to do is wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Peace to all gooners.


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