Have a yellow on me – it’s yours to keep

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How many times do you record a game then not watch it if we lose? I think it would have to be a very rainy afternoon for me to sit through last night’s match from beginning to end. It just didn’t happen for us, a fact that was summed up by Henry’s perfectly good goal being ruled out for handball.

Now don’t get me wrong – referees are human and make mistakes. I accept that, because it’s unavoidable and there’s no point heaping all the blame on the shoulders of the ref when the real reason we lost was our overall performance.

That said, it would be nice if the referee, in hindsight, could look at the decisions he’s made and own up if those decisions turned out to be wrong. It would make him more human and people would, in general, respect him for it. But for a referee to refuse to talk about contentious decisions at all makes him seem aloof when he may not really be so.

Then for UEFA to hide behind procedure by confirming Henry’s yellow will stand (as those are the rules, you see, those are the rules I tell you) is just plain frustrating.

Still, it opens the Champions League group up nicely.

Always look on the bright side and all that.


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