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Crumbs, where are we at then?

The World Cup gathers pace, that’s what. Germany rolled over a hugely disappointing Sweden while Argentina edged past Mexico with a strike that can only be described as a ‘rasper’. Germany and Argentina meet in the quarters – now that should be good. France and Spain also meet soon in the first knockouts – another one to skyplus. I’m really, really enjoying this tournament, I must say. It’s the best one since Italia ’90, probably better in fact.

England’s attempt top join them resumes this afternoon, and unless we improve dramatically, this side – supposedly the best assembled since ’66 – will be knocked out by the first decent side it comes across. Who can predict whether this most unpredictable of teams will come out all guns blazing or whether they’ll stumble around, lacking pace, movement and incapable of holding the ball? I just don’t know, but it’s frustrating as hell. Individually, man for man, we have some of the better players in the world, but collectively it’s not worked for all bar the first half against Sweden.

There isn’t an awful lot of Arsenal news around as you can imagine. Poor old Phil Senderos will miss the rest of the World Cup after dislocating (then relocating moments later) his shoulder against South Korea. He’s been one of the best Swiss players and it’s a great shame for him, if not for Arsenal.

Keep an eye out for events in Italy too – there’s a chance (though whether it’s a strong one or not I don’t know) that Juve could be demoted to Serie B, stripped of their last two titles and banned from playing in the Champions League. Should this happen, there’s bound to be a fire sale of some of their players. Could be interesting, that’s all I’m saying.

Arsenal players now able to rest:
Ljungberg, Toure, Eboue, Senderos, Adebayor, Rosicky (and let’s be honest – Walcott. Me saying that does of course mean that he will play this afternoon)


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