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Well, morning.

There’s really not much news yet ahead of Saturday’s game, which is no bad thing. Wenger must be relishing, practically for the first time, having a settled squad for an entire week. I know internationals have to happen sometime, but for them to happen so soon after the season begins must be incredibly frustrating.

In a strange way, this Saturday is just as big a test as Sunday was. The way we played against the mancs proved that, if the team we are playing also likes to play [a rather obvious statement on the face of it, but I think you know what I mean], then we are as good a side as any.

It’s when the massed ranks of the opposition man the barricades for 90 minutes that we sometimes struggle – a tactic I suspect will be employed against us this weekend. It’s a perfectly reasonable approach to take, and very effective too, so we just need to plug away at finding new ways to combat it.

Finally – I suppose the big talking point of the week was last night’s bung-fest on BBC1. It was great viewing, but as I suspected, finding hard evidence of corruption will, by its very nature, always be hard. The BBC made some hard-hitting allegations but will need its lawyers to be on top of their game, I suspect.

To be honest, what I found most interesting was how mucky, cut-throat and awash with £50 notes the game is behind the scenes.

Righto. Laters.


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