Good Day Silly Season

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Not posting much am I? That’s because work’s a sod, and I have been unable to perform my cheeky updates as per normal. And I spent three hours in my car getting to and from work today, which made me feel distinctly unbetter, I can tell you. Not that it’s particularly related to the not updating.

Well-o well, the World Cup’s not even begun and already we’re getting linked to just about everyone. It’s quite exciting at the moment, but it won’t be come July, I wager. We’ll all be grinding our teeth and flailing about. Fortunately, I expect it’ll all calm down during the tournament (you know, the one in which we get knocked on penalties).

So some rumours surround Sol, who may or may not be off to Turkey to sign for Fenerbahçe (or as the kids at East Upper’s school apparently mispronounced it this morning, Fannybasher). Personally, I think it would be an odd move, but then it was an odd move for Anelka, who as far as I am aware is still there. And all this after Sol put in a fine performance against Barca in Paris too. Selling him means we could free up the wages, or so we’re told, but it doesn’t solve the problem I’ve been banging on about – namely that we need experience as well as inexperience, and like him or not, he’s a useful old head.

And tonight, lo and behold, more on another rumour – namely that we are looking to nip in for Czech playmaker Tomas Rosicky. Zzezch coach Karel Bruckner says he’s doing medical things with us, which proves everything, and of course, nothing. He’s a creative midfielder, and would be the kind of player we’re after. Whether there’s more to it than that is anyone’s guess.

It might be worth gluing yourself to the telly on Thursday too – Theo Walcott looks set to play at least some part in our B international against Belarus. As of course will Alex Hleb.

Was Sven right to call him up? How the hell do we know! But we might get more of an inkling on Thursday.


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