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Well, it’s quite a nice day today. Not only is the sun out and about, and we’ve come second, but also my season ticket renewal has not gone up too much – and has been pegged at the same price for the first season in the Grove – and Henry is back in the squad for tonight’s final home game of the season. What more could I want, apart from a vast increase in income, a villa in the Caribbean and (repeat to fade)….

It should be something of a carn-a-val then, tonight. I think we’ll see Campbell back in the starting line-up to give him some match practise, and Henry looks set to play a part even though it’s unclear whether his injury has 100% gone or not.

Yet more conflicting reports about how much we’re going to spend this summer. This week, the view from the top is that we’ll not be spending £20m on one player.

“I’m not necessarily a small money man, I’ve nothing against money,” said the boss, as his million pound salary sat idly in his bank account, “But you spend what you have – or you die”.

Easy Arsène, there’s no need for such fatalism.

On a wildly different note, for those of you who sit at the Clock End end of the East Lower (I hope that makes sense), peer up at the girders of the old East Stand, and you might just spot a cunning bit of graffiti, chalked onto one of the girders in between the top tier and the lower tier. “CAFC woz ere” it says. You’ve got to doff your cap, haven’t you? It’s in such a hard-to-reach place that I have a funny feeling the man who scrawled it is probably up there still, trapped (though happy).


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Cyprus Gooner

    A song for Senderos

    To the tune of Boney M’s Brown Girl in the Ring

    Philippe Senderos
    Tra la la la la

    Philippe Senderos
    Tra la la la la

    Philippe Senderos
    Tra la la la la

    He plays like the captain of the team, ARSENAL

  2. Alan

    Blimey, you must have been up all night writing those lyrics!

  3. Dom

    I’ve heard that at away games a couple of times recently – minus the last line. Not a big fan as it’s the tune the Mancs use for their Van Nistelrooy one. I was hoping it would be the one to the old Batman TVshow theme tune that caught on:

    “Da na na na na na na na Big Phil! Da na na na na na na na Big Phil!, Big Phil, Big Phil.”

    If we could only work out a way for large “BIFF! POW!” sound effects to appear on the pitch when Phil goes in for a particularly crunching challenge, I’m sure it’d be taken up instantly.

  4. Dom

    And can I just add this recent trend of playing an operatic rendition of “Jose Antonio” over the PA at Highbury at half time if he’s scored in the first half is hideously, toe-curling awful.

    It must be stopped.

  5. West side gooner

    I must admit to have treated the club’s claim to keep the first season in The Emirates stadium season ticket on a level with the last season at Highbury with great sceptisism. This is a very ambiguous comment before the new prices were announced, as it could have meant huge increases for next season. I like you was more than happy to recieve my renewal with a minimal increase and being a proud new father to the future genearation of gooner was panicking slightly to being able to justify spending my hard earned cash on the Gunners. So, sorry to ramble on, but I have to say a well earned thankyou to the club for not fleecing the people that makes the club great. Long live The Arsenal. 3-0 tonight by the way. Reyes first goal. You heard it here first.

  6. Liam's shinpad

    I smell a hit Cyprus. Get yourself some tasty backup singers and I’ll set up some shows for you in Tel Aviv…

  7. RotorGoat

    “Return, to Senderos…”


  8. Sezzy Baby

    What is that easy…easy…easy…easy…easy…easy…easy…easy… while clapping like a seal thing about at Highbury???

  9. Paul Thor Skinbakk

    its something from soccer am, similar to their campaign to “save chip” a few seasons back

  10. Paul Thor Skinbakk

    at every ad break for soccer am it shows a clip of two skinny blokes dressed as old school wrestlers beating each other up in random places (last week outside a chip shop) – whoever wins starts clapping their hands over their head shouting “easy”.

    it’s caught on so every week they show different fans doing the “easy” clap…sounds like something you’d catch in amsterdam !!

  11. Lee.

    I suggest some people should go out less & invest in Sky???

  12. chozzer

    Reading the comments to this posting have made me feel as though I’ve taken some surreal, mind-warping drug.
    Cmon you Gunners. 7-0, I can remember it happening against Leeds once.
    Big Phil likes Toblerone. You’ll never beat the Swiss Alp.

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