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Aha, some impending non-World-Cup excitement! The fixtures for the new season are released tomorrow, and you can get them all sent to your mobile apparently (that’s technology for you) by subscribing here. They’re quick to tell you your mobile number won’t be used for any other purpose, so if you get bombarded by texts inviting you to have a flutter or buy some drugs that will do wonders for the length of your old boy, don’t blame me.

Me personally, I’m getting more and more excited about it all, and I hope we get a good fixture to kick things off (though I have yet to decide whether ‘good’ means one we can win, or whether it would be nicer to have one of the biggies to kick the old place off).

And as for the World Cup – OK, so things aren’t perfect yet for England in terms of formation, play and whatnot, but just remember 1990, when Sir Throbby Bobson got all manner of stick for the way England started the tournament, then got us to within a whisker of the final. Last night we were already through – so psychologically perhaps England switched off a bit once we went 1-0 up, knowing that Sweden needed two goals to relegate us to second place.

The knockout stages will refine the concentration, and with any luck that will come through in England’s performances from now on.

Incidentally – the last year we topped our World Cup finals group? 1990.


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