Chisel That Man A Bust

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Simply marvellous, eh.

We saw a different, but equally impressive Arsenal last night. Solid, disciplined, patient, and then when it was needed, rapier-like on the break. It was another fantastic performance, and forget what people say about Juve being poor – they’re top of Serie A by nine points. The fact is, we outplayed them not once, but twice.

You have to say that, even if nothing else of note happens this season, the last month has been a vindication of Wenger’s ability to craft a new team, to see something happening when nobody else quite sees it, to find fabulous players for little cash and making them top-quality. I’ve been as critical as the next man at times this season, but a good result (Real Madrid away) kick-started this young side, possibly sooner than Wenger thought, and as a result it’s blossoming.

So credit to the players, naturally, but credit too to the boss. Wenger – you are a class apart.

Get that man a bust in the Grove, I say.


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