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So what’s going on? Well hey – guess what – this evening Kieran Gibbs has picked up the now mandatory injury playing in the England U21 qualifier away to Lithuania. We await further news, but who thought, when we lined up for the season with three left-footed left-backs, that where left-backs were concerned, we were a touch over-subscribed? I know I did. How foolish I was.

His is the latest in a line of injuries so long, that as far as I can see, should we need to field an Injured XI for one reason or another, we could put out a team that could well hold its own. The injury XI is a bit top-heavy, but it’s a pretty decent line-up. The below is based upon’s own injury page, which I accept, might no longer be entirely accurate. For the sake of fitting all the players into a playable formation, I’ve gone 3-4-3. So anyway, how’s this:


Gibbs Djourou Clichy

Walcott Denilson Traore Wilshere

Bendtner van Persie Vela

Quite honestly, the injury situation at the club takes some beating. I know plenty of other sides have – or have had – key players out this season, but we do seem to have been particularly heavily afflicted. And there’s no let-up, either.

As it stands, van Persie’s injury opens the door for Eduardo, who is just about the last striker standing. Walcott, we are told, is not far away. And there’s Vela – perhaps, if we could track him down. It’s a good job we’ve got Nasri and Rosicky back is it could mean a more central and advanced role for Arshavin.

Well, if we’re looking for someone with the X Factor, there’s always Theduardo.


I do apologise for that. But it’s an international week.



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