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First it was the Russians who announced a freeze on season ticket prices, now Bolton have gone a step further by reducing their season ticket prices to the tune of 10% for next season. As I’ve said before, with the new TV deal guaranteeing stupid increases in income it’s time for Arsenal to at least match our London neighbours by freezing prices for next season.

There’s nothing like a good old bit of momentum on these things, and I’m glad to see it’s something Arsenal have been thinking about. Speaking today about Arsenal’s latest financial figures (“very bright indeed” apparently), Arsenal’s MD Keith Edelman had the following to say about season ticket prices;

“We don’t make that decision [about ticket prices] until March, but of course we have always been very cautious about ticket prices, and entry ticket prices are what we look at most carefully to make sure we are affordable to everybody,” he said.

“Recognising the high cost of tickets we actually froze our ticket prices last year, we’re one of the few clubs who did that, and we still sold out. We will obviously look at the decision very carefully.

“We are cognisant of the fact that football is expensive to go to for fans. They love coming here, they want to continue that as much as they can so we have to find a balance between commercial and being fan friendly.

“We have been one of cheapest London clubs to come to and hopefully most of our fans will agree that we produce the best product on the pitch. We think it is still good value for money but we will be looking at the price carefully for next year.”

Interesting stuff. He accepts there is a “high cost” and that it’s “expensive”, but maintains at the same time Arsenal’s pricing makes it “one of the cheapest London clubs” and that it’s “good value for money”.

My point is this: it’s just about affordable now, but should it get any more expensive then it will start affecting attendances. Evidently, the club is aware of this, so with any luck they will take it into account.

I’ve ignored Tuesday totally, haven’t I. There’s nothing to be said that hasn’t been said; we have a good chance to progress, but we will need to play better.

It’s also not a great time to pick up the habit of not scoring – two games now.

Next stop Cardiff. I shall dust down the eighties flat cap for action.


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