And So It All Begins Again…

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Bloody hell.

Well, where do I begin? Probably with the business end of things first: In case you hadn’t already noticed, East Lower has moved. Whereas before, I was here, now I’m not. So please take off the .com and replace it with a, and bingo, that’s me.

That’s not all that’s happened. I’m now using different blogging software, hence the basic (and completely different) look and feel. This will change, as soon as I know my Arsenal from my El Hadji Diouf.

Worst but not least, I’ve lost two years worth of posts. Well – sort of. The old ones are still there, but I have no way of collating them into a format I could then feed into this blog, as the database they are stored on is off bounds to me. They will remain there until I close the other site down, at which point I will burst into tears and sing a crap eighties ballad. Possibly ‘Take My Breath Away’ by Berlin.

The old site (let’s call it eastlower v1) was coming up to its second birthday. Now it’s gone.

Suffice to say, following my experience, I will never touch former hosts Easyspace again. Not with a bargepole, not with a maypole. Not with any kind of pole, for that matter, especially not a Graham Poll. In a nutshell, they moved my site from one server to another (without telling me), then when it all broke, and I was no longer able to log into it, they tried to apportion blame on the blogging software I had been using. To use diplo-speak, it was a thoroughly dissatisfactory outcome.

So here we are, eastlower v2, and a new dawn.

Welcome back, me…


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Tom

    Good to have you back!

  2. oliverchaddock

    Good to see you back, and nice to see you using Kubrik as well. But you need to change all the blue (links, header) to red, else someone might mistake this for a Cheslki blog 😮

    then again, you could just say this is an Arsenal ‘away’ blog :-p

  3. Rob

    Woo hoo East Lowers back 😀

  4. RotorGoat

    Yes yes, I know. I can assure you I will be changing all that…

  5. Stace

    I followed the link from Arseblog – thought I’d say *hello*…

  6. tomsk

    Welcome back.

  7. Gerry Gooner

    Welcome Welcome Welcome back….I’d like to say the world has completely changed in your absence…..we are top of the league.have just signed a 20 million player and it was Ashley Cole’s twin brother who was at that meeting. But…..welcome back anyway

  8. barking

    Great to have you back!

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