An Unusual Victory?

Anything Pascal Cygan can do, Sol Campbell do better. That’s the message coming out of Highbury following last night’s victory (though we knew it already, I tell you), which means that our glistening-pated Frenchman has a fight on his hands if he thinks he can walk away with the defenders’ golden boot this year.

Wenger pointed out that our two goals came from “unusual” sources last night – but what’s so unusual about scoring from set pieces? The only unusual thing about it is that we’ve been so poor at scoring from them for so long, so we should celebrate long and hard that we’ve finally got someone who can deliver great crosses (Reyes), and someone prepared to get his bonce on the end of them (Cygan, Campbell).

In truth, our visitors were pretty desperate in the first half, but improved in the second, though never enough to let the jitters set in. Our second half performance – rather unhurried – reflected the fact that they never put us under much pressure.

Overall, a good performance – improving all the time – against a team feeling chronically sorry for itself. Now all we need to do is take a bit of our 100% home record into our 0% away record.

It really is that simple, football.


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