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Bear with me here.

I had this thought last night during our 3-1 win at City, and it’s this: let’s say, hypothetically, that Thierry Henry has made his mind up about whether to leave or whether to stay.

Now, let’s assume again that he has decided to move on, to take up a new challenge. He’s a man who loves the Arsenal crowd, a real showman, and I can’t imagine for a second that he’d not want to say goodbye in his own, inimitable Henry style.

[For those who have joined this ramble late, this is a hypothetical situation – do not adjust your browsers].

Basically, he has two opportunities to do it – one on Sunday, and one a week on Wednesday. A week on Wednesday might not be such a good time to wave goodbye to the Arsenal crowd and to the club in general, because it could only be pulled off if we were to win. And even then, it would be a bit of a kick in the teeth. Additionally, [hypothetically, I stress], if we were to lose, Henry waving goodbye to beaten Arsenal fans, in all probability to join the team that has just beaten us, would be a no-no.

But then again, announcing it on Sunday, during our goodbye celebrations, and ten days before our biggest ever game, would be equally be a disaster. He’d never do that.

So what I think I’m trying to say is this: whether he plans to stay or leave, what are the chances of him trying to indicate it to us, somehow, at some point, in front of the fans?

Ideas mooted so far

Something with the corner flags? [thanks Dom]
Morse Code
Something with the sun’s rays, refracted off the Clock at the Clock End
Patterns in the grass
If you see him setting off, heavy-footed, on an odd trajectory, you’ll know something’s up


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