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Our new shirt comes out on 22 June, and to whet our appetites (presumably that’s the reason), a new pic has come out of Henry modelling it. I know it’s the colour we wore in 1913 or whenever it was, but funnily enough, as creaky and as ancient as I sometimes feel, I wasn’t around then, and it doesn’t feel quite right. I just look at it and I think: Burnley. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. But I’m not yet. Redcurrant is for Ribena.

In transfer tittle-tattle, more hints about Reyes’s departure abound this morning – £10m is the latest figure being thrown around – and I have to say, as long as we get what we paid for him (I think it was initially £11m), then nobody can really complain. If he ain’t happy, he ain’t happy, and there’s not much we can do about that. We’ll need someone fast, skilful and able to play on the wing or up front to replace him, with the added stipulation that he must not mind the odd snow shower in June, or summer’s days wearing jumpers. The ability to converse in English might help – though then again, it never harmed Robert Pires to pretend he was still in Paris.

There’s also talk that Chelski are negotiating with the exotically named Kaka – a left-back – which would signal that the Cole sniffing is off. To be honest, even if he had wanted to go there – and it’s pure conjecture – I don’t think Arsenal would have countenanced such a move. Spain or Italy, sure, but not to one of your biggest rivals.

Congratulations, naturally, must go to Liverpool for their defeat of Chelski last night. Our friends from south London looked tired and lacked the punch of recent months, and paid the price. I don’t know many gooners – none, is the figure that comes to mind – who wanted Chelski to win. No offence of course, Blues fans, but would you support Arsenal under similar circumstances? No, quite. And then there’s the delicious irony of the ‘goal’ being given by a man named Roman. Anyway, they’ll have to settle for the title and the C-Cup – quite a nice consolation really.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Aaron

    Money (new shirt 2004/2005), Money (new shirt 2005/2006) , Money (new shirt 2006/2007)

  2. anon

    the milan left back is called kaladze, kaka is a brazilian midfielder who plays for milan.

  3. Phil Woodford

    Gotta say that I think the redcurrant will eventually become a classic especially given the momentous period in which it will be worn. We’ll all be crying down it once we see that last ball kicked at Highbury! I think the gold letters & numbers add a touch of class to what will soon become a golden era in Arsenal history – we have the history, we have the trophies and now we have a team of young talent that will grace Ashburton for years to come.

    Question is will the new shirt have Emirates as the sponsor ? What’s the likely fan’s preferred name for Emirates ?

  4. Victoria C. Crescit

    I have been so sick of hearing the media praise Chelski for gloriously defeating Arsenal in last year’s Champions League, when we all know it was only due to massive fatigue at Arsenal, arising from a string of very tough games. So, the boot is on the other foot now; Chelski looked tired last night and that is why it is so difficult to win all the trophies. The media just don’t seem to get it though! Interestingly though, even the Chelski-loving BBC said today that “What goes around, comes around”, referring to Carvalho’s cheating against Barcelona. If the linesman had called that properly, Chelski would have gone out with us.

  5. halfNice

    I haven’t bought a shirt for a few years (mine was the last Dreamcast), but I’ll get the redcurrant one. I know it’s all wrong, but I agree that it might end up as a classic.

    I know one gooner who said he wanted Chavski to win. He’s from the Ivory Coast and has some sympathy for Drogba. But when Liverpool “scored” he celebrated as much as the rest of us. Turns out his love for Arsenal is deeper than his love for his national team.

    I’m glad the game’s over. Now I can go back to hating both Liverpool and Chelsea.

  6. bel

    I’m going to go against the trend and admit to quite liking the look of the new shirt. At least it’s different to everything else in the premiership and doesn’t have the vile tabard-style outline as this seasons. Do you reckon we’ll be able to wear it against teams wearing regular their regular red shirts – ie manure or liverpool?
    Oh – and Ashburton Grove. Does what it says on the packet.

  7. Ray shaun

    Am sure we will see the beauty of it once we line up to start our 2005-2006 season, am not so sure if will be emirates as the sponsor tho’. I should believe O2 will be it till the end of the season and emirates takes on once we move to Ashburton. But we will mos. def. remember Highbury as the home of victories and sad moments too…..(the Home of CHAMPS).
    On Reyes, he has great talent but i strongly feel if he wants to leave let the club release him. There will be no point keeping him and continue working below par.

  8. chozzer

    Kaka is definitely the Milan playmaker.
    Personally I think the redcurrant is great – not claret as in Burnley, Villa and W.Ham.
    Will there be white shorts and redcurrant socks?
    New name for the Chelski no. 22 “I’d a good chance gone”.

  9. WestUpperZombie

    I like the Redcurrent shirt and will probably buy one (or two ’cause the missus will want one too).
    Is there any truth in the rumour that we will also be cahnging the away shirts back to Yellow? I really hate the blue ones.
    And….through gritted teeth..Well Done to Chavski for winning the Premiership, only eleven more to go and you can begin to suggest you’re as good as us.

  10. Splodge

    Kakha Kaladze is the Milan left-back. I expect Chelsea will go for him, Zambrotta or Jankulovski. Unlike what all the reports said when Samsung’s deal with Chelsea was announced, O2, not Emirates, will be our sponsors next season, and will feature on the redcurrant and the new yellow shirts released in the summer. Then it’s Emirates from 2006, which’ll mean 3 new kits, a new red, a new blue, and the yellow re-released with Emirates instead of O2, just as the gold one was re-released with O2 and not Sega.

  11. J the Red

    Can I ask has anyone seen a full picture of either of the new kits rather than just the back or side shots of Henry & Vieira?.
    As for the kit itslef then we should have kept the red & white as that is Arsenal and what is synonimous with Highbury and of course the man who gave us white sleeves Herbert Chapman. Still I can understand the club want to make a few extra quid by releasing a final Highbury shirt and then a first Ashburton shirt and I will probably end up buying both.
    Also Ive heard bits and pieces that we will be again reverting back to a predominantly yellow away shirt though this hasnt been confirmed. I hope it turns out to be true because Arsenal in blue is wrong and should never happen again, and there were a few supporters who were going to send a petition to Arsenal to stop this blue nonsense…..but anyway I’m going to be severly out of pocket in the summer if we do release two kits.

    As for Reyes then I hope he stays and we use him in his best position as a left midfielder, but if he wants to go home and is not happy in London then let him go- as long as we get our money back.

  12. RotorGoat

    My error – I kakad up.

  13. Farnborough Gunner

    All these new kits due out over the next 18 months. Arsenal are getting as bad as the Mancs! We used to keep each kit for 2 seasons, changing the home kit one summer and the away kit the next summer. A third kit is just a money spinner.

  14. bhajji

    honestly though just how shit is reyes!!

  15. bizozo


  16. bhajji

    reyes cant dribble cant hold the ball cant finish he’s shit,van persie is the real deal & had he started in europe we’d win the champions league too ,so hope reyes fucks off to spain ……..

  17. Lanky 6

    Kahkahber Kaladze is the Milan Left Back but Kaka is their midfield playmeker. – If the Russians get Kaka then thats the end of football so can u clear this up plaz as he is rediculous!
    Seeing as the next kit was previously worn at Highbury, that makes the current one the final ever kit does it not?
    Therefore no reason to get it.
    I hope to G-d Reyes stays coz he WILL be one of the best strikers in the world and he has proved that by having a shit awfull season and coming out the other side as the only player to hav won every game he has scored in this season and 10 goals. Not a bad return for someone who cant dribble or finish bhajji u twat.

  18. simon talker

    You’re a prick Bhajji.

    Apologies Goat – just had to be said.

  19. bhajji


  20. Lanky 6

    yes bizatch?

  21. adams9802

    Yeah I agree Reyes is crap. He loses possesion far too often and has a right fot made of wood. Fucking rubbish I say flog him…

  22. Lanky 6

    How is he supposed to improve if the fans run him into the ground? He puts in 10 times more effort than some of the overpaid shit we hav had before like kanu and he showed against sp*rs that he is capable of turning a game already. Therefore he just needs time, plus who out of us can say that we would get up for more kicking after the battering he took from the evil cheating neville henchmen?

  23. goonermtl

    The shirt, it seems surprisingly nice. Kind of hard to tell with the retro-style Photoshopping they gave it and and a back-only look but it has potential. We’ll see.

    Reyes, yeah, frustrating season I think but jeezus I hope he stays. His work-rate is tremendous (ever notice how many times he’ll go charging the keeper, forcing him to hurry his clearance? Not many strikers do that anymore), he’s definitely got talent and if he can find his feet he’ll be great.

    The only question is can he find his feet at Highbury? I don’t know. Biggest fault he has is keeping his head down, and it’s not just Thierry going on about it, Ashley had the same (legitimate) complaint in the West Brom game. But if he’s at all willing to stay, you don’t let a talent like that leave if you can help it.

    I say send his Mom home to Sevilla and just keep José. I think he might be a hell of a lot happier, and us too.


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