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Did Arsène Wenger go on holiday in the end? If he did, I hope he switched his mobile off.

The fallout continues from yesterday’s decision, and the more I think about it, the more disheartening the saga really is. Not so much because a player was ears-open to leaving Arsenal and joining a rival – that’s football – but because of all the blatant evasion, and lies, that have been spun. From the very first moment, when the Chelski boss claimed to be in Milan at the time of the meeting, the whole gaggle of miscreants has attempted to muddy the waters and get themselves off the hook. Yesterday’s desperate attempt by Chelski’s chairman to paint Arsenal as the offenders was just the latest in a long line of tricks. Upset because Arsenal wouldn’t accept a peace deal? So you’re caught red handed, then you expect the club of the player you are courting to shake hands and say never mind? Come on.

In a show of petulance, Cole apparently blanked David Dein at yesterday’s hearing, something that makes a mockery of the claim that Arsenal won’t sell him. If he wants to go, then sell him now while he’s worth something. We’ve already missed out on something in the region of £5m for letting Edu go on a free, so let’s not let the same thing happen with Cole. There will be plenty of suitors if the price is not too high. Of course, if he doesn’t want to go, bridges need to be built, and soon. And I’m not talking little bridges underneath which ogres live. I’m talking Humber Bridge, Forth Bridge. Bridges of significant proportions need to be rebuilt here.

Anyway, that’s 262 more words on the subject, and as far as I’m concerned, for today that’s more than enough.

Elsewhere, there was some talk yesterday that a man who has never been caught talking to Chelski signed a one-year deal to stay with us one final year – and that’s great news for our Den. And for us.

And in another sign that it’s the silly season, we have been linked with – of all people – an Englishman. His name is Ryan Taylor, and he’s Tranmere’s right-back. On the one hand, his nationality makes it unlikely he’ll sign for us, but on the other, his name is Ryan, and we like a Ryan at the Arsenal. Ryan Smith and Ryan Garry would have a new Ryan to play with. So it’s a possibility.


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  1. Farnborough Gunner

    Denis signing for another year is great news. He can still contribute a lot on the pitch. He won’t be up to playing every game, but that’s not important in these days of squad rotation. A lot of the younger, up & coming players see Denis as a mentor, and being such a model professional he can only be a good influence on them.

    I wonder what his plans are for when he does finally hang up his clogs. It would be good to see him take up a role at Highbury after such a distinguished playing career, maybe scouting or working with the youth team or academy?

  2. San Elan

    As for Den staying and doing a job, with the fortune he’s amassed, unlikely I would say. He’s worh over £35 mil! But who knows?

  3. moses kujiyat

    In my opinion, Arsenal should offer Denis a coaching job after the one year extension of his contract. Denis can be groom to take over from Arsene Wenger when he decides to call it quit with Arsenal.

  4. Cy Saunders

    Cole must go – and quickly – remember the great Arsenal mantra “no player is bigger than the club”. If he remains it can only result in unrest, and we have Clichy to do an equally good job

  5. Tombo

    Yeah great that dens staying, but dont know if he will stay on! Think he wants to go home, have a smoke and relax – and i dont blame him one bit!
    It was the same for adams and seaman, they were suposed to be staying on as coaches.

    Then the news that tony was scouting recently- looking at two playings in holland – and he was just looking at a job!

    It certainly is silly season – but if Mr. Wenger is off on holiday – is anyone sorting out the transfers? like Mr Dean? other clubs seem to be sorting things out already – and dont we usually in time for pre-season?

    Are we just guna be left with the scrapes of the barrel? like rickardo?

  6. vivb

    Chelski must be laughing,

    They must have known that by meeting in a hotel it would be leaked to the press and the timing was chosen on purpose the week before a crucial game.

    Cole is completely advised by his agent Barratt and Barratts solicitors. They have de-stabalised an Arsenal player who will either leave this close season (but won’t make a transfer request so he and his agent get a slug of any transfer fee) or force Arsenal into selling him at the end of next season when he has a year left on his contract.

    All because Arsenal refused to pay Cole’s agent’s fee as part of his new contract. Whether or not Chelski had any inclination in buying Cole they have weakened their closest competitor for the cost of a £500,000 fine.

    The trouble is Cole can’t see this and his agent can only see £££ signs from arranging a big money transfer from a player touted as “the finest left back in the world”.

    Agents are the scum that are ruining football.

    AW would have agreed with DD his list of target players before he went on holiday (normally he takes in a number of football games abroad) I would expect negotiations would have already started, part of the reason the press are anti arsenal is because they keep quiet about their targets rather than leak/give scoops to the press a la Mourinho. The premiership clubs are in their season end conference at the moment, most other leagues only finished last week and there is a round of world cup games this weekend.

  7. Farnborough Gunner

    I read this morning that Matthew Upson has refused to sign a new contract at Birmingham and wants to leave to get regular European football. The same story links him with a possible move to Middlesbrough (!). I’d like to see him come back to Highbury, as the additional centre back we need, plus cover for Glichy at left back at a push (assuming Cole leaves or is too busy pursuing his court case to play football any more).

    I can’t see it happening though – he would be contesting a starting place with Sol, Phil & Kolo (unless Kol goes to right back), and he left us originally because of lack of first team action.

    But he needs to decide what he wants. Any clubs with regular Euro action will operate a large squad and he will have to compete for a starting place. Or he can be a big fish in a small pond somewhere like Brimingham. Middlesbrough may appear to give him the best of both worlds in the short term, but are unlikely to offer regular Euro football in future seasons.

  8. Rob

    Ashley Cole can get bent for all I care. I certainly don’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt anymore.

  9. halfNice

    Is Upson good enough to return to Highbury? I haven’t been following his career.

  10. uncle fester

    I think Cole should be got shot of quickly cut his legs away before he poisons the rest of the team Clichy will be a far more accomplished player then Cole.I hope we get a move on and bring in new faces not to many its a bit rich of Freddie saying we need new faces maybe his place will be up for grabs ,after all he as missed many games through injury and illness not his fault but his he becoming injury prone i hope not as i have always had time for Freddie but to get a team to win the C.L Wenger might have to be ruthless with one or two players.As for Dennis signing for one more year great after all this man has shown what the like’s of Cole & Rio could not spell let alone understand LOYALTY & RESPECT.Whatever he does in the future i say good luck to him gooners everywhere will always welcome him back lets enjoy his class for one more year sweet!

  11. vivb

    AW normally gives DD his target list before he goes away normally to watch some football I don’t think he ever goes on holiday.
    With the worlds cup qualifiers for most players the season hasn’t ended. Remember we don’t leak transfer stories like other teams part of the reason Journalists are generally anti us.

    I expect to see Chelsea secure their choices first, then Chairmen will sell knowing the biggest player in the market isn’t going to pile in and pay a higher price. Slight worry that Chelsea might seek to take revenge by targeting AW’s chosen players e.g. Diarra from Lyon.

  12. USA Gooner

    Clichy looks ready to step up. I am concerned about his fitness, though. I’m fairly new to football, but I just can’t comprehend how Ashley Cole has any gripes in this matter. He conspires with another club and now it is Arsenals fault? Grow up! Ashley Cole – lick my ass!

  13. Alan

    Denis for one more year? Great! And the Champions League Final is in Paris! Denis takes the train, and scores the winner!! Then his testimonial is the last match ever at Highbury! Blimey, I’m wetting myself!

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