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I know it was a few days ago now (my life is now a blur of soiled nappies), but how nail biting was that Barking Cup game? OK, so it wasn’t a vintage performance, but what can we honestly expect away from home against a committed side running at full tilt when we had a team boasting the combined experience of Djourou, Song, Eboue, Quincy, Bendtner, Lupoli and Gilbert? We’ve got to the semis with that side – so well played.

With young’uns like that, Senderos sometimes feels like an old pro, but we mustn’t forget that he too, at the tender age of 20 and with few more than 15 Premier League starts to his name, is learning his trade too. Yes, he had a shocker on Wednesday, but as I constantly remind myself, our most inspirational captain of recent times acquired the nickname Donkey at the same age, and look what happened to him.

Quick word about Almunia too. We have finally found his forte, and it’s penalty shootouts. He’s the bloomin’ king! Shite at everything else he may be, but give him a penalty, and he’ll devour it.

Sunday’s game, already big enough for both sides, could be made that much trickier if neither Henry nor van Persie recover in time. Bergkamp and Reyes would deputise I suspect – and both could do with a decent game.

Theo Walcott, anyone? At 16 years of age, he’s got the experience we need, err…

And finally, a very Happy Christmas to you all. Keep coming back with the reasoned debate – it counteracts perfectly the twaddle I tend to come up with.

And remember, Arsène knows…


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