Will someone please pull the plug on the Ade and Alex show

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Adebayor and Hleb – this is dull dull dull.

We really are waiting for the transfer starting gun this summer; I suspect we will be waiting the rest of this week too. Euro 2008 will then be over and the real business of swatting agitated agents over the head can begin.

At this stage, we have a first team squad deficit of one: Lehmann and Flamini have definitely gone, while Ramsey is the only confirmed arrival. We can probably add Nasri to that, or can we? Lord only knows what is holding that one up.

But that’s only half the news. The Adebayor and Hleb summer shows have been rambling on for some time, and with every passing day both players look more likely to leave. Yesterday’s soundbites from Wenger added a bit of confusion to the show – but I’m not convinced he a) will be able to persuade Hleb to stay anyway (London is rather noisy after all) and b) is prepared to pay Adebayor what he appears to be asking for.

Incidentally, this is what Wenger said, to the Sunday Mirror:

I brought my cheque-book (to Euro 2008) but, having looked at the prices, I’ve realised it isn’t big enough. I’ve not been surprised by the quality on show. There is a fantastic young generation of players coming through. But I will use my cheque-book first to keep the players I already have.

In truth, that’s a pretty ambiguous statement. He’s already ‘used his cheque-book’ to give new contracts to Sagna and Clichy, and as I say, he might not be in a position to affect the futures of Hleb and Adebayor anyway.

Right, well that’s it for this morning. My plan is not to post this week as I will be away – but it will be just my luck for six players to sign, three to leave, a hostile takeover to occur and a large meteorite to land on the centre circle. In which case I can post from my phone. And might well do.

Oh, one last thing – well done Fab. Cool as a cucumber to slot that penalty.


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